Amala Paul denied entry into Kerala temple, actress alleges discrimination

Actor Amala Paul Denied Entry To Kerala Temple: Popular South Indian actress Amala Paul has alleged that she was not allowed to enter the Thiruvairanikulam Mahadeva temple here. The actress claimed that on Monday the temple authorities had allegedly refused her ‘darshan’, saying that customs only allow Hindus inside the premises.

Then Amala worshiped the deity from the road in front of the temple. Sharing his experience in the temple register, he wrote, “Even though he did not see the goddess, he felt the spirit.”

She further added, “Sad and disappointing that even in 2023 religious discrimination still exists. I could not go near the goddess but could feel the spirit from a distance. I hope there will be a change in religious discrimination soon. We Everyone will be treated equally.”

But the temple authorities of the Tiruvairanikulam Mahadeva Temple Trust said they were only following the rituals of the temple.

An official said, many devotees of other religions have come to visit the temple, but no one knows this. However, when a celebrity comes along, it becomes controversial. Amala Paul, 31, is a popular actress in Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu.

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