Air India Urinating Incident: ‘Pilot-in-Command made a scapegoat’

Air India Urinating Incident: 'Pilot-in-Command made a scapegoat'

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New Delhi: Most of the pilots believe that the DGCA action on the pilot-in-command (PIC) was not necessary in the case of a male passenger urinating on a female passenger on board an Air India flight. Taking note of the fact that the PIC had informed the airline’s senior management immediately after the urination incident on November 26, 2022, sources claimed that the pilots’ body – the Indian Pilots Guild may seek legal recourse or approach the aviation regulator Can choose other option after action by DGCA. PIC’s license was suspended for three months.

Sources claimed that the regulator’s action on PIC has not gone down well with most pilots and they are considering options against it. A senior pilot claimed that the PIC concerned had acted very maturely and timely in the matter. Rajasthan: CM Gehlot called Sachin Pilot a ‘traitor’, Shashi Tharoor said – give a statement carefully

He said, the matter was reported to the senior management of the company at that time. We believe that he has been unnecessarily punished in this case. Email exchanges have revealed that the senior management of Air India was informed two hours after the incident.

As per reports, the CEO of Air India, Campbell Wilson, also received an e-mail from the woman passenger’s son-in-law the same evening, and forwarded the mail to the head of customer care, asking it to be looked into. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) on Friday imposed a fine of Rs 30 lakh on Air India and suspended the pilot-in-command’s license for three months in the Air India urination case. Besides this, the regulator also imposed a fine of Rs 3 lakh on the director-in-flight services of Air India for failing to discharge the duties.

A senior DGCA official said- The incident of passenger misbehavior that took place on AI-102 flight from New York to New Delhi on November 26, 2022, came to the notice of DGCA on January 4, 2023, in which a male passenger behaved in an indecent manner and allegedly urinated on a female passenger.

The DGCA had earlier issued show-cause notices to the Accountable Manager of Air India, Director In-flight Services of Air India, all pilots and cabin crew members of that flight as to why enforcement action should not be taken against them for breach of their regulatory obligations. . DGCA received written replies from Air India and the personnel involved and examined them. Accordingly, enforcement action has been taken in the instant case.

On Friday, the regulator said- A financial penalty of Rs 30,00,000 has been imposed on Air India for violation of applicable DGCA civil aviation requirements. The license of the Pilot-in-Command of the said flight has been suspended for a period of three months for failure to discharge his duties as per Rule 141 of the Aircraft Rules, 1937 and applicable DGCA civil aviation requirements. And, a financial penalty of Rs 3,00,000 has been imposed on the Director-in-Flight Services of Air India for failing to discharge their duties as per DGCA civil aviation requirements.

air india urinating incident pilot in command made a scapegoat

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