Bihar Politics: Nitish Kumar’s poster outside RJD office in Patna, CM of Bihar told Ram, Kansa to PM Modi

Bihar Politics: Nitish Kumar's poster outside RJD office in Patna, CM of Bihar told Ram, Kansa to PM Modi

Poster war in Bihar (Photo Credits Twitter)

Bihar Politics: A poster put up in front of former Bihar Chief Minister Rabri Devi’s residence and RJD office is in discussion on Saturday. This poster may have been put up outside the RJD office, but it also shows the uneasiness to make Nitish Kumar the Prime Minister. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP have been targeted on the pretext of the poster. BJP and Narendra Modi have been strongly targeted through this poster. It has been shown in the poster that Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar will now kill Prime Minister Narendra Modi, just as Ram killed Ravana and Krishna killed Kansa.

This poster released by Poonam Rai, State General Secretary of Mahila RJD, has been divided into three parts. In one part of this poster, showing two episodes of Ramayana and in the second part of Mahabharata, the third part shows the Lok Sabha elections of the year 2024, in which Nitish Kumar is shown shooting an arrow at Narendra Modi. It is written that Patna, Ranchi, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad! Fertilizer will be applied in the rest of the country as well.

It has been said in the poster that in 2024 Delhi (Hastinapur) will be climbed. In this poster, along with Nitish Kumar, all the opposition leaders including Lalu Yadav, Tejashwi Yadav, Rahul Gandhi, Akhilesh Yadav and Sharad Pawar have been shown, while Home Minister Amit Shah and BJP National President JP Nadda have been shown with Prime Minister Modi.

It is also written in the poster that the message and request is that when a person with a name starting with a particular letter or zodiac sign becomes extremely powerful and starts misusing his powers by being arrogant, arrogant, dictator There is hue and cry, then he can be defeated or defeated by a person whose name starts with the same letter or zodiac sign. That’s why in 2024, may Nitish Kumar ‘N’ Akshar be victorious over Narendra Modi.

Here, BJP spokesperson Nikhil Anand said that this is not the era of war of monarchy. There is an era of vote injury in democracy. Ram-Ravana, Krishna-Kansa is fine. But instead of Nitish-Namo, Namo-Nitish can also be written, but what to kill the dead.

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