Fake ID: Used to chat as a girl on Instagram, minor boy fired after heartbreak in love, three arrested

In North Delhi, a 17-year-old minor boy fell in love with a girl on Instagram. Both used to talk on chatting for hours daily. The girl used to upload beautiful photos everyday. But, after knowing the truth, the boy reached him and started firing. In fact, the minor whom the minor loved as a girl, turned out to be a “boy” named Sanu. Police said that three people including a minor have been arrested in this case.

Playing with the feelings of a 17-year-old boy by creating an Instagram ID in the name of a girl proved costly for a young man. In order to take revenge on the disclosure of the matter, the youth threatened the youth of dire consequences. Along with this, by firing in the air in front of him, he was blown away.

The police had received information about the firing incident in Gautampuri. The police team then met the victim, Shanu (19), who told the police that he had seen two boys firing. The police team scanned the CCTV footage of the entire area to identify the accused. The police have recovered the pistol from the accused. Further investigation is on in the matter.

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