Gujarat: In Surat’s Ramnath Shiv Ghela temple, devotees offered live crabs on Shivling, knowing the reason will be stunned (Watch Video)

Everyday lakhs of devotees reach the door of Lord Shiva for darshan and pray to him to fulfill their wishes. Although there are many popular and historical temples of Lord Shiva located all over the country, but a unique temple of Lord Shiva located in Surat, Gujarat is very famous among the devotees. In fact, devotees visiting the Ramnath Shiv Ghela Temple in Surat offer live crabs on the Shivling.

Devotees believe that if you offer crab here, it cures your ear related problems. According to another devotee, crabs are offered here once a year and it is believed that this will not cause earache for us or our children. It is said that after devotees offer crabs to Lord Shiva, they are released into the Tapi river. See in the video how devotees are offering crabs on Shivling with faith and belief.

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