Jharkhand: Girlfriend staged sit-in after getting infidelity, girl sitting in front of lover’s house for 55 hours in bitter cold

Jharkhand: Girlfriend staged sit-in after getting infidelity, girl sitting in front of lover's house for 55 hours in bitter cold

Dhanbad, January 19: Hurt by the infidelity of her lover, a girl is sitting on a dharna in front of her house for the last 55 hours. The people of the locality came forward to persuade this girl sitting under the open sky in the bitter cold, but the lover and the people of her house are not sweating on her request. It is being told that as soon as the news of the girl’s sit-in was received, her lover has fled. The incident is of Rajganj in Dhanbad district. UP: Son kills mother in Baghpat for opposing love affair

According to the girl, Uttam Mahato, a resident of Maheshpur village of Rajganj, and she have a love relationship for the last four years. She studied at SSLNT College in Dhanbad, when she came in contact with Uttam. The family members of both were also aware of this. He had promised to marry her. Both have also visited each other’s family’s house together many times. There was also an agreement between the two families on the marriage and its date was also fixed. But 20 days before the due date, Uttam refused to marry. When the girl was not shown any way, she along with her grandmother and other relatives reached her lover’s village Maheshpur and sat outside the young man’s house. After this Uttam absconded and his family members locked the door of the house.

The girl insists that Uttam should be made to talk to her at least once, but Uttam’s family members have closed the door. Many people including the local chief tried to convince the girl, but she is adamant on her demand. After a lot of persuasion, he accepted to have food on the initiative of the chief. The villagers have given him blankets etc. Where she is staging a protest, a bonfire has also been lit there. The headman tried to solve the matter by talking to both the families but it did not work out. The chief has informed this to the Rajganj police, but the police say that unless there is a written complaint in this matter, on what basis can they take action. The protest of the girl continued till 4 pm on Thursday.

jharkhand girlfriend sit on dharna in front of boyfriends house for 55 hours after heart broken

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