Ajay Singh misses out on medal by one kg, finishes fourth in dramatic men’s 81kg final (LD)

In a thrilling final at the National Exhibition Centre, which went down the strings, Ajay had overcome every lift he had in the competition. But he was unable to lift 180 kg in his final attempt at clean and jerk and missed out on a medal, ending with a total of 319 kg (146 kg in snatch and 176 kg in clean and jerk).

England’s Chris Murray won the gold medal with a sports record of 325 kg (144 kg in snatch and 181 kg in clean and jerk). Australia’s Kyle Bruce won silver with 323kg (143kg in snatch and 180kg in clean and jerk), while Nicolas Vachon of Canada took bronze with 320kg (140kg in snatch and 180kg in clean and jerk). Won medal.

Ajay had won the 2021 Commonwealth Championships with a total of 322 kg (147 kg in snatch and 175 kg in clean and jerk) and earned direct qualification for the Commonwealth Games.

He managed to lift 137 kilograms in his first attempt at the snatch. He almost stumbled off the platform but successfully grabbed his lift. Ajay lifted 140 kg in his second snatch attempt and was able to lift the weight comfortably.

Ajay then successfully lifted 143kg in his third attempt at the snatch to finish joint-second best with Kyle Bruce of Australia and a kilogram behind Chris Murray of England, who topped the table with a best lift of 144kg in the snatch. Received joint second best.

Ajay entered the clean and jerk in the first attempt by lifting 165 kg. But he increased it to 172kg and lifted it comfortably in his first attempt to take the lead in the competition. Murray took the lead over Ajay in his first attempt, successfully lifting 174 kg in the first attempt.

Bruce then joined Murray to share an overall lead of 318 kg with a successful lift of 175 kg, while Nicolas Vachon of Canada took Ajay’s total of 315 kg with a successful lift of 175 in his first attempt at clean and jerk. Equal.

Ajay reached the first position in the second attempt by lifting 176 kg. But Murray successfully took the lead from Ajay by lifting 178kg in his second attempt. Bruce then took a one-kg lead over Murray with a successful 180-kg lift, and Vachon successfully lifted the same weight in his second attempt to push Ajay into fourth.

Struggling hard to make it to the top three medals, Ajay tried to lift 180kg in his last attempt. But despite taking time and adjusting the grip twice, Ajay failed to complete the lift successfully, finished fourth and crashed out of the medal race.

The final took a dramatic turn when Murray lifted 181 kg in his final clean and jerk attempt to set a Games total of 325 kg. Bruce lifted 183 kg in his last attempt and did so. But the jury found a problem with his jerk attempt, possibly about his left hand being unlocked.

Australia appealed, but could not overturn the jury’s no-lift decision and Bruce ended up with 323 kg. Vachon tried to displace Murray with an effort to lift 187 kg, but dropped the barbell and settled for the bronze medal, ending a thrilling final.

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