Commonwealth Games 2022: Weightlifter Achinta Shuli recalls the sacrifice of her father and brother after winning the Commonwealth Games gold medal

Shuli faced a tough competition from Malaysia’s Eri Hidayat Muhammad on Sunday night, lifting a total of 313kg, before winning the gold medal with a Commonwealth Games record.

“I feel very happy. It was one of the biggest events of my life and I worked really hard to get the result. I want to thank everyone – TOPS (Target Olympic Podium Plan), SAI (Sports Authority of India), sponsors, my coach, my brother, my job,” Shuli said after winning the medal on Monday.

He is always reminded of his father and brother, as it is because of their sacrifice that he has emerged as one of the most talented young lifters of the country.

“In 2013, I joined (national camp) – I used to enjoy it very much. In the same year when my father died, I had no support. My brother left the sport because of me so that I could prosper I could. He explained to me that the Games could make a career out of the camp. The coaches supported me a lot; slowly I improved, and my grades kept changing.”

Shuli says that past difficulties motivate him to do well.

“Whatever bad happens to me now, I don’t think it will be that difficult. Because when my father passed away, it was ‘taqlif ho gaya tha kimbak se’ (we suffer a lot). Neither my mother knows anything. I didn’t know either. Then I worked, worked hard, slept, woke up, retrained.”

He also had to help his mother in the embroidery work.

“Like a kadai, ‘kapda pe pe hath se phool ke karte tha’ (I used to embroider flower designs on clothes). I used to get up at 6.30 am, work till 9 am and then train from 9.30 am I used to come back from training at 10.15 in the morning and then go back to school at 10.30. Back from school, I used to go back to training again and return at 8:00 pm. I was 12-13 years old. My Mother and brother also worked hard all day. It was a tough life,” recalls Shuli.

When asked how he started weightlifting, Shuli said it was by chance that he was introduced to the sport.

“I used to enjoy kite flying and used to run to catch them all the time. Trying to catch one, I reached a place where my brother and his friends were doing weightlifting. I got to watch them so eagerly. After, the coach asked me brother to bring me to practice the next day,” Shuli said.

Shully said he wasn’t worried about his chances after failing his second attempt in the clean and jerk on Sunday and made another attempt, as he was sure he had the ability to lift that weight in practice.

Now that she has won her first Commonwealth Games medal, Shuli wants to take this success further and try to qualify for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games. He knows that the road to Paris is littered with hard work. But, again, Shuli never shied away from hard work or difficulties and is confident that he will do well in the Olympics as well.

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