Dhoni instilled confidence in me; There is no shortcut to get into Team India: Deepak Chahar

Chahar, who missed the IPL 2022 season due to a hamstring injury and is set to return to India after the Asia Cup squad was announced on August 8, said: “Mahi bhai has given me a lot of advice. The best The advice was to believe in yourself. When I first played for CSK, the confidence he gave me was reflected in my performance. He is the number one captain. If he believes in you, you have to believe in yourself The confidence I got from playing for CSK was huge. It changed my career. The confidence and confidence that Mahi bhai gave me was the best.”

The 29-year-old Chennai Super Kings all-rounder, who has been training at the CSK Academy since his recovery, said his rise through the ranks has never been easy, but he has worked “day and night” to achieve his goal. Worked hard

“The graph will go up and down. For me, it went down for many years but still I worked hard day and night. I always thought that there is no substitute for hard work. If you work hard, day and time Will come and you will play well. You will get what you deserve.”

“When you are young, it is important for you to imagine yourself as an international cricketer. You see posters on the wall. You should see your face in those pictures and that makes you work hard every season. You should see yourself there.”

“My advice to every young bowler is to work hard. There is no substitute. Hard work is the key. Sometimes you get selected, sometimes you don’t. Sometimes they (other players) are better than you The only way to beat them is through hard work. No one can help you. No coach or parent, nothing. When you enter the field, only you can help yourself. We all Dream of becoming an Indian cricketer.

“You don’t want to play only for the state. If you’re not thinking of playing for India, you shouldn’t play cricket. If you want to play for the Indian team, it will take many years. You don’t Can play for India in two or four years,” Chahar said.

Recalling his favorite moment with CSK, the pacer said that playing alongside Dhoni in the debut match and winning the title that year was one of his most memorable moments.

“Playing the first match for CSK would definitely be my favourite. Playing in yellow under Mahi bhai… My first over, I bowled very well – I still remember it. And then in my first year in the IPL trophy Winning was a great moment too.”

About his batting and his unbeaten 69 in ODIs against Sri Lanka in 2021, Chahar said, “When I started playing, I always wanted to be an all-rounder. I wanted to work on my bowling as well. It was the opportunity I was waiting for. Finally, I got that match. When I went to bat, I was thinking of giving India a win. In the first 20 balls, I didn’t score any runs, Only one or two runs.

“We had overs. I thought we had to play all the overs to win the match. What I thought was to get some bowlers. My whole thinking was to win matches because that was my dream. Every kid wants to play that. Kind of a shift.”

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