It’s ‘hard’ to see Khloe getting ‘sad’ on ‘Kardashians’

Only good luck to him! Lamar Odom It turns out that watching kardashian Has Been A “Guilty Pleasure” — And The Season 2 Premiere Made Him More Emotional Than The Former Khloe Kardashian,

“It was hard for me to watch,” said Lamar, 42 I! news In a joint interview with his daughter 24 years old Destiny Odom, about tuning in for the episode on Thursday 22nd September. “It’s always going to be hard for me to see someone I’m so sad about.”

In the premiere, which aired earlier Thursday, Kardashian, 38, revealed to the cameras that when sister Kim Kardashian called to read news about him Tristan Thompson expecting a child with marali nicolso In December 2021 – she already knew that her surrogate was pregnant. Throughout the episode, the Good American founder and members of his family, including Kris Jenner, Kendall JennerAnd kylie jennerquestioned why the 31-year-old NBA player pushed Khloé to move forward with her pregnancy journey even though she knew she was going to have a baby with someone else.

,[Tristan is], of course, likes, is excited and wants it. He keeps asking me questions and I won’t answer that,” Khloé explained. “I was definitely very angry and I think I was feeling upset. All I know is that I was being encouraged to do it by a certain date. In the end, he always knew when the second baby was going to be born, and—especially the paperwork we saw—he found out on July 2.

Khloé compared that situation to when she welcomed 4-year-old daughter True with the Canadian native in April 2018.

“When I had True, I found out that Tristan was cheating on me 48 hours before he was born and then I went into labor weeks because I was under so much stress,” she said. “And then I had True which is amazing, like, the best girl in the whole world.”

After the initial scandal, Khloé and Tristan continued to date, however, they split after kissing Kylie’s best friend in February 2019. jordyn woods But later there was a settlement. The two were together in March 2021 when they had an affair and split that December when they learned that they had a child, son Theo, now 9 months old, with Nichols, 31.

Lamar, who was married to changed body The hosts held for four years before their divorce was finalized in 2016 I! on Thursday that he only wants strong feeling better naked The author “to find happiness however he finds”.

“She was crying on the show and everyone was questioning her and not doing it,” celebrity big brother Elm explained. “That was probably a tough time for him,” he said. “I just want him to be happy. That’s it.”

fortune, which the New York native shares with the former Liza MoralesEchoed Lamar’s sentiment: “I want him to be happy and healthy.”

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