Olivia Wilde, Harry Styles sit away in ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ Q&A

coincidence? Olivia Wilde And Harry Styles were on the opposite side of the stage for them don’t worry darling IMAX Q&A in New York City on Monday, September 19, an eyewitness tells the exclusive us weekly,

The event, which took place at the AMC Lincoln Square IMAX Theater in New York City, featured most of the film’s cast—including Styles, 28, Wilde, 38, gemma chano, Nick Kroll, Sydney Chandler, kate berlante, asif ali And Douglas Smith — Attending a broadcast panel prior to the screening of the film.

The pair seating option comes just a few weeks after that book smart Director shuts down rumors that he has left ex Jason Sudeikis As for the England native, whom she started dating in January 2021.

“Complete Horses Think I’ve Left Jason” [Sudeikis] completely wrong for Harry.” OC the alum told Vanity Fair In an interview published on 8 September. “Our relationship ended long before we met Harry. Like any relationship that ends, it doesn’t end overnight. Unfortunately, Jason and I had a very rough road, and we officially But towards the beginning of the epidemic, the relationship broke down. ”

House alum and ted lasso The 46-year-old star was first linked in 2011 and got engaged almost two years later. Exiles – who share son Otis, 8, and daughter Daisy, 5, announced their split in November 2020.

“We were raising two kids during the lockdown, so we adjusted between that time,” Wilde told the magazine. “Once it became clear that it was no longer beneficial for the kids to cohabit, it became a responsible thing, because we could be better parents as friends who lived in separate homes.”

The former couple’s co-parenting relationship hit a snag in April, however, when saturday night alive Alum serves Wilde with custody papers don’t worry darling Panel at CinemaCon. a source told We That time horrible Bosses Star filed documents to “establish jurisdiction” of the former’s two children, but Sudeikis had no prior knowledge of when they would be delivered.

While Wilde saw the comedian’s actions as an “attack”, she described Diversity last month. For his part, Styles has made an effort to stay out of the drama.

Don't Worry Darling IMAX Q&A
Courtesy of Diana Cooper

“Harry hasn’t reached out to Jason at any point,” said a second insider. We in August, adding that “it doesn’t feel like her place” to join the “Watermelon Sugar” singer. “Harry is wildly happy and loves Olivia. They are a wonderful team together.”

While the natives of New York and my cop Both the actors were present at Monday’s screening, two stars of the film – Florence Pughe And Chris Pine – were noticeably missing. However, the duo sent a sweet video message, giving the film-goers a fun viewing experience.

“We didn’t want to miss this opportunity to thank you for coming to the experience don’t worry darling At IMAX,” Pugh, 26, and Pine, 42, said in the clip. “We guarantee it will be a thrilling ride and we hope you enjoy the film. encourage!”

Earlier this month, the internet was debating whether or not Pugh would attend the film’s premiere at the Venice International Film Festival after the trailer was slammed for “to do less.” [her] Sex Scenes” via Hehr Harper’s Bazaar cover story in august wooAs soon as she made her appearance, she skipped the press conference, opting to fly later from the sets of her upcoming film Doon: Part 2.

“Florence is a force to be reckoned with, and we are so grateful that she is able to make it through tonight even though she is in production. DuneWilde told reporters little Women Star during the festival press conference. “I know, as a director, how disruptive it is to lose an actor even for a day, so I am very grateful to him, [Dune director] Denis Villeneuve to help us. And we’re really thrilled that we get to celebrate her work tonight. I cannot say enough how honored I am to have him as my leader. He is amazing in the film.”

However, a source exclusively told us at the time that “Florence and Olivia have had many differences both personally and professionally, so Florence isn’t doing any press for the film.”

Although rumors about tension between the women intensified in the days before the Venice event, Pugh shouted out to “all the cast and crew” who were involved in making it. don’t worry darling,

“I’m still taking it all in!” midsummer The actress wrote via Instagram on September 7 along with several pictures from the red carpet. “What kind of moment was it? Too much Congratulations! To everyone standing on that carpet. We premiered in Venice! A huge victory in itself. Thank you for all of your hard work. We really would not have been without your talent and we greatly appreciate it. ,

Pugh concluded his post with the special acknowledgment of costar Pine, who brought his camera to the premiere so he could take the pictures. Hawkeye Actress. “I also can’t help but post how cute and hilarious it is to be Chris Pine’s No. 1 photographer, getting down on his knees with white pressed trousers for angles,” she quipped. “Now that’s dedication. Love you Chrissy.”

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