Shia LaBeouf Gave Me a ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ Ultimatum

Olivia Wilde Says Shia LaBeouf Gave Ultimatum To 'Don't Worry Darling' Between 'Her Or Florence Pugh'

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don’t worry darling The cast and crew have a lot to worry about. upcoming to latest drama Harry Styles Thriller claims director Olivia WildeWho said Shia Labeouf him and her. given an ultimatum between Florence Pughe,

“We had to convert Shia. He’s a brilliant actor, but it wasn’t going to work.” book smart Director, 38, told Stephen Colbert on Wednesday, September 21. “When he gave me the ultimatum, you know, him or Florence, I choose Florence.”

for the rumors Disturbia The star, 36, was fired from the film, with Wilde clarifying that both of his claims – his that he left, his that he was fired – were somehow both true.

,[My choosing Olivia over him] was [Shia] It looked like he was going away and I feel like we are moving on without him.” OC Elm explained.

Wilde further revealed that the allegations against LaBeouf were that “[came] To come to light later… assures me that we have taken the right decision.”

peanut butter falcon The star, who has been candid about her mental health and substance abuse issues, was accused of “constant abuse” by her ex-girlfriend FKA Twigs in January 2021.

“I hurt that woman,” reveals LaBeouf John Bernthali“Real Ones” podcast in August. “And in the process of doing so, I hurt many other people and many others before that woman.”

for his part, even stevens the alum told Diversity In 2020 that he “left” [Don’t Worry Darling] Due to lack of rehearsal time. In the email he forwarded to the outlet – alleged messages between him and Wilde – he wrote to the director, “You and I both know the reasons for my exit. I left your film because I had to wait for you and your actors to rehearse.” Couldn’t find time.

In addition to the drama with LaBeouf, don’t worry darling Other alleged feuds within the cast and crew have been mired in controversy.

While Wilde and Pugh, 26, are rumored to have differed—which Tron: Legacy The star has repeatedly denied — the drama that made the most headlines was the Venice Film Festival “Spitgate” earlier this month, when a viral video featured Styles spitting on costars. Chris Pine,

Wilde and Paine, 46, have both vehemently denied the rumours, with the New York City native telling Colbert, 58, on Wednesday night: “Harry didn’t spit on Chris.” When the talk show host pressured her on the issue, Wilde insisted that nothing happened. “He really wasn’t!” He added.

The “Watermelan Sugar” singer, for his part, scoffed at the alleged incident at his September 7 show at Madison Square Garden.

The Grammy winner — who has been dating Wilde since January 2021 — quipped, “It’s wonderful to be back in New York, I went to Venice too early to spit on Chris Pine.” “But fear not, we are back and our job tonight is to entertain you and I promise, we are going to do our best.”

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