Will it be smooth sailing for Dvorkovic and Anand in the FIDE elections?

Even a former rival is now voicing his support for Dvorkovic.

However, one should not take those ideas at face value. Members of the rival camp say the votes Dvorkovic is hoping for may not be in the polls.

The things that stand firmly against Dvorkovic in the elections are being Russian, being Russia’s former deputy prime minister, and Russia’s military action against Ukraine earlier this year.

Georgios Macropoulos, who unsuccessfully contested against Dvorkovic in 2018, told IANS: “The current president (Dvorkovic) will be easily re-elected. Most chess federations in Europe and the US will vote for him.”

This time Macropoulos of Greece is trying to return to FIDE by running for the post of Vice President.

“FIDE is important to me and not the presidency. I will help FIDE,” he said.

A representative of a European nation told IANS on condition of anonymity: “At the geopolitical level, Europe and the US have taken serious action against Russia. But in the FIDE elections, the European and American unions voted in favor of Dvorkovic. can do.”

While acknowledging that FIDE under Dvorkovic has done well for the sport, his rivals said much could be done if a non-Russian was now at the helm.

Under Dvorkovich FIDE has increased its budget, reduced the fees paid by national chess federations and brought in new sponsors.

“During the past four years, Dvorkovic has promoted chess through social activities, such as chess in prison, chess to help children with autism, and chess in schools by teaching chess to instructors who in turn train school students. And some other things that never existed. Getting Russian corporates as sponsors in the past happened under Dvorkovic,” a FIDE official told IANS on the condition of anonymity.

According to him, FIDE also provided financial support to spread the game on a large scale in some continents.

In addition, Dvorkovic manages broad-based FIDE by hiring people full-time to form the organization, whereas earlier it was run by a handful of individuals, the official said.

One thing that did not happen was chess becoming a part of the Olympic Games during Dvorkovic’s tenure.

In addition, FIDE had abolished proxy voting in elections.

Delegates at the FIDE congress did not say much about former world champion Viswanathan Anand being part of Dvorkovic’s electoral team.

Anand stands for the vice president position of FIDE as part of Dvorkovic’s team.

Following Russia’s military action against Ukraine, the Dvorkovic-led FIDE moved the 44th Chess Olympiad from Moscow to Chennai; decided not to hold any FIDE chess competitions in Russia and Belarus; not displaying Russian and Belarusian national flags or playing their anthem in their rated tournaments (but the use of their national chess federation flags, official logos is permitted); suspension of the Russian and Belarusian national teams from its tournaments; Simplification of players playing under the FIDE flag and abolished sponsorship agreements with Russian and Belarusian corporations.

The FIDE Commission for Women’s Chess established a fundraiser for Ukrainian chess players and their families affected by the war.

Ian Wilkinson, Honorary Vice President of FIDE, who is running for Vice President as part of the team of Chess Grandmaster (GM) Bachar Koutli, said, “The FIDE election will create a surprise. Arkady can’t get that vote. is what they expect.”

Kauatli is contesting against Dvorkovic.

The FIDE election is a four-way contest with the following contestants, Andrey Barishpolets, President and Peter-Hein Nielsen, Vice President; Inalbek Cheripov, President and Luis Encube, Vice President; Dvorkovic, President and Anand, Vice President; Koutley, President and Wilkinson, Vice President.

“The situation in FIDE has changed after February 24 (the day Russia began its military action against Ukraine). Arkady is synonymous with Russia. Therefore, about new corporate sponsorships from other global companies cannot be. There are sanctions against Russian companies,” Kauatli told IANS.

He also said that FIDE has to refund large sums of money to Russian corporates after canceling its sponsorship deals.

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