5 Important Quotes from the Ben Simmons Podcast with JJ Reddick

Ben Simmons appeared on JJ Reddick’s podcast on Thursday. Here are the most important quotes.

Ben Simmons speaks. It’s been a minute.

On Thursday, JJ Reddick released the . left a new episode of old man and threeFirst episode in two months. He came back with a bang to one of his former teammates, Simmons, to talk about his journey through the league up to this point and what happened over the past year and a half.

Simmons, once the Sixers, now the Nets, had a bad last season. After a disastrous performance in a series loss to the Atlanta Hawks in 2021 where Simmons was heavily to blame, Simmons requested a trade. Nearing the deadline, he was moved to the Brooklyn Nets.

Simmons didn’t end up playing at all during the season. In Philly, he cited mental health concerns. As he was preparing to get into game shape in Brooklyn, he injured his back.

Simmons told everything from college to today. The full episode is worth a listen, but if you need the important stuff, we’ve got you covered.

Ben Simmons thinks the Nets are better than the Sixers teams he played on

Some slight shade for the Sixers here! Simmons said that this team is better than any team he has played in Philly. He specifically cited the team with Ersson Ilyasova and JJ Radik winning 16 consecutive regular season games at the end of the season.

“The talent we have and the kind of players we have. We’re going to be able to run off the floor with ease, you know we have Klax that can run, that runs incredibly well. Kev, Patty, Q, Joe, just found Royce, another great 3-and-D guy. I am missing people but right now this team is perfect for what I bring to my work and sport. I think it’s Philly like steroids. in terms of what we had when you were [J.J.] There were and Erson. ,

This team is clearly more talent-dense than Simmons is accustomed to. First, it was Simmons and Joel Embiid who had to lift the load. Simmons can plug in and complement Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant in this new setting instead of being the focal point.

The most important thing for Ben Simmons is mental health and peace

Much was made of how much money Simmons risked last year by showing up to drills and games. He doesn’t care at all.

“I don’t give about money. I don’t care about money. It’s not about money for me anymore. Like, I want peace and happiness. Like, I want to live in a nice place. And that, if He costs me whatever it costs, so it costs. My peace, you know, is worth more than money.”

That doesn’t mean Simmons won’t at least try to get that money back, though:

Ben Simmons wouldn’t do things any differently

After Simmons’ turmoil over the past year and a half, most would expect him to completely rewrite the script if given the chance. not the case:

“No, because I wouldn’t be here. I don’t think, you can say, ‘Yeah, I wish I could go up and dunk the ball,’ like, because that was the whole game. Like come on. No, I guess if I Had it not been for the last year or a half, I wouldn’t have been where I am now. And I feel I have to go through all that and have the experiences to be where I am now.”

Simmons certainly seems ready to write next But as far as what happened? This is in the past. clearly.

ben simmons called shaki

Simmons had harsh words for commentators, in particular, Shaquille O’Neill and Charles Barkley.

Here’s what he had to say about O’Neill:

“I DMed him and I was like, ‘Why are you saying that if you don’t even know the story?’ ‘Cause he always wants to say like yo, we’re LSU brothers, you’re my brothers, that’s all, that. If you’re my LSU brother you’ll have arrived by now and I’ve been months dealing with this. You haven’t even once turned up and said, ‘Hey, are you okay? Like, what’s up.'”

Ben Simmons Is Excited To Play For The Nets, And Here’s What He Thinks Of The 3-Pointers

Ben Simmons looks like he’s in Great Headspace is going into season.

“It’s going to be sick. I can’t wait. I’m so excited, changed my number, got a new number, New Jersey, I’m just waiting for it. I think you know, we have a It’s a special team. I think if we, you know, get it all together, we’re going to be champions. So that’s the ultimate goal. If you want to come back, wear the jersey, feel free. But, Yeah, I’m excited, it’s New York City, you know I’m playing with some incredible players.”

Simmons also mentioned that he is going to shoot three. He joked that even if Durant was open, he would shoot five in a game. You love listening to it.

Of course, getting it all together makes the Nets one of the most talent-intensive teams in the league, but it’s easier said than done. The Nets rarely saw Irving, Durant, and Harden on the floor together when they were teammates. Durant is cordial with the team for now, but will it last?

it remains to be seen. At least the Nats know that Simmons is locked inside.

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