Aces Twitter account holds receipts, Sun gets Joker to throw banner for WNBA Finals appearance

The Las Vegas Aces held on to every slight this season, with the Connecticut Sun trying to give them the Joker on Twitter in 2019.

In an industry replete with business where one person rarely runs the same Twitter account for years, Las Vegas Aces achieved something special.

Somebody, somewhere put the receipts on the Aces Twitter team. And oh, what fun to read about the 2019 Sun when your team beat Connecticut 3-1 in the WNBA Finals.

To be fair, Aces upped it, joking that “there’s nothing like a little sun to wake you up in the morning”, throwing back the highlight of 2018 when Aja Wilson dropped 34 on the Connecticut Sun.

The sun did not like shade.

“Looking forward to our performances in the regular season and maybe even in the postseason… Those are the games that happen after the regular season if you forget. It’s been a while,” the Sun Twitter account replied.

In 2019, the Suns actually went to the WNBA Finals, and in 2020, the Aces did the same. In the end, these two teams were able to face each other, and Las Vegas couldn’t help but force the Suns to hang up another Finals appearance banner.

Las Vegas Aces put salt in the wound after Connecticut Suns WNBA Finals exit

The aces carried themselves with huge winning energy, popping champagne bottles, while a tipsy Kelsey Plum interrupted a press conference with her shoulder sling.

Were the aces goggles to block out the bright sunlight, or to keep champagne from getting into their eyes? Cheers for keeping the receipts and re-sharing the freezing cold in 2022.

Speaking of predictions, here are some of the success predictions of Aces which are quite old in the past one year.

When FanSided asked Aja Wilson about her proudest achievement this season before the WNBA Finals, she quickly pointed out that not everyone believes in her team the way they believe in themselves.

Wilson said, “Being the No. 1 seed, given that people saw us mad at the All-Star break on a losing streak, I think it’s something that’s very special and it’s our role in this franchise.” Speaks about the system,” Wilson said.

On multiple levels, both on the court and on Twitter, the sun was lit by aces.

What could burn the sun up more than anything else is that they were the team that drafted WNBA Finals MVP Chelsea Gray, who had an incredible series against her former team.

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