Google Developer Studio running ‘vague religious sect’: report

As The New York Times reports, contractor Kevin Lloyd, hired as a video producer for GDS, alleged that at least 12 members of an obscure religious cult called the ‘Fellowship of Friends’ ran daily operations at the workplace. are.

Lloyd claimed that he was “fired for unfairly mishandling the behavior of the group”.

It has filed a lawsuit against Google and its contracting agency ASG, seeking damages for its failure to protect it from wrongful termination, retaliation, emotional distress, and discrimination.

The religious group “believes that higher consciousness can be achieved by embracing fine arts and culture” and even has a 1,200-acre campus in Oregon House, Calif.

The report indicated that the ‘Fellowship of Friends’ played a role in Google’s company events, “working at the registration desk, taking pictures, playing music, getting massages and serving alcohol”.

The report claims that Google allegedly buys the wines offered at these events from a winery run by a member of the fellowship.

The company also reportedly paid for “a state-of-the-art sound system installed in an Oregon house in the home of a fellowship member who worked for the team as a sound designer”.

Google Developer Studio, a business unit of Google, is run by Peter Lubers, a longtime Fellow of Friends member.

The tech giant was yet to respond to the report.

Another contractor, Eric Johansson, told the NYT that Google’s partnership with ASG enabled the GDS team to bring more fellowship members on board, as contractors “with far less scrutiny and a far less rigorous on-boarding process”. is hired.

The Alphabet Workers Union (AWU-CWA) said in a tweet that “this is not just an important story, it’s really about workers’ rights and TVC (Temporary, Vendor & Contractor)”.

The union alleged that the ‘Fellowship of Friends’ has a decades-long history, with well-documented allegations of sexual abuse by the leader against members (including members under the age of 18), forced abortions for female members, and human trafficking. Huh.

“It’s a doomsday with serious allegations of abuse,” the Alphabet workers union said.

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