Indo-British scholar’s AI technology boosts smartphone battery, saves energy

An alumnus of the Indian Institute of Technology (Indian School of Mines), Dhanbad, Dr Amit Singh, currently at the University of Essex, pioneered the technology and worked to reduce carbon emissions by making consumers’ electronic devices last longer. For this rolled it in the Optimizer app.

EOptomiser does this by using software to dramatically increase efficiency and reliability in smartphones, tablets, cars, smart fridges and computer batteries – delays when consumers need to buy carbon-footprint-producing replacements.

“Given that there will be around 50 billion devices by 2025 and many more after that, eoptomizers have great potential to help achieve the world’s net zero emissions target. It is our hope that this app will transform everyone’s lives. Save, give them money and help save the environment,” Singh, associate professor, varsity, said in a statement.

“We hope to have our app in the hands of consumers around the world,” he added.

Optimizer deploys AI to understand how a particular app is being used and optimizes energy usage for the app. For example, a user can quickly scroll through a news app while at work to check headlines.

When they spend more time on the app in the evening, slowly scrolling down and reading more stories in full, this will require a higher FPS (frames per second).

The app senses the change in FPS for the app being used and tries to find the best operating frequency of the CPU and GPU processor to meet the change while consuming the least power and temperature gain in the device, Which is an important issue mobile phone.

AI technology analyzes how an app is being used throughout the day and optimizes energy usage.

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