Scientists working on electronic implants to help one-click pill delivery

The team at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden invented a material that uses electrical signals to release molecules.

The new material, called a polymer surface, produces a dose of a drug at regular intervals, so patients no longer need to remember to take their pills, according to the study published in the scientific journal Angewente Chemie. Is.

It can be used to create futuristic implants that produce doses of medicine at regular intervals.

Lead author Gustave Ferrand-Drake del Castillo said, “Our polymer surface provides a new way to separate proteins by using electrical signals to control how they interact with the surface, while not affecting the protein’s structure. bound and free.”

According to some experts, nearly 50 per cent of people fail to take medicines that have been prescribed to them – putting their health at risk because they are unwilling to follow the dosing schedule, reports the Daily Mail. are unable to.

Researchers say a prototype of the implant, which would be more targeted than a pill and reduce the potential for side effects, could be available within a year. It can be smaller than a centimeter and can be operated using a smartphone app.

“You can imagine a doctor, or a computer program, that measures the need for a new dose of medication in a patient, and has a remote-controlled signal that signals the release of the drug from an implant located in the very tissue or organ. Activates where it’s needed.” Del Castillo said.

The implant requires only a small amount of power, because the polymer on the surface of the electrode is very thin, so it can react to a short electrochemical pulse.

The researchers also noted that the material can withstand changes in acidity, such as those found in the digestive tract, if it is used there.

“Being able to control the release and uptake of proteins in the body with minimal surgical intervention and injection is a unique and useful asset,” said Del Castillo.

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