AGT 2022 Voting Tonight: When and How to Vote During Tonight’s Second Live Episode of AGT 2022?

AGT 2022 Voting Tonight

It’s time to choose America’s Got Talent 2022 finalists and the show has set up a live round in which viewers can cast their vote to choose the finalists but what is the AGT 2022 Voting Tonight process. The second live episode of AGT 2022 is happening tonight and fans are wondering how to vote during the second live episode of AGT 2022 tonight. This article will take you through the complete process of AGT 2022 Voting Tonight and all other details regarding America’s Got Talent Voting.

America’s Got Talent Voting

The format of AGT 2022 is such that 11 acts will be performed every week and all these 11 performers will try to pass the finals and win a prize of $1 million. Viewers will be given a chance to participate in the selection process of AGT 2022 finalists by being a part of AGT 2022 Voting Tonight. Many fans who are regularly watching the show but are not aware of the AGT 2022 Voting Tonight process are wondering when and how to vote during the second live episode of AGT 2022 tonight.

When to cast the NBC AGT vote?

Before we look at the AGT 2022 Voting Tonight process, let’s find out when one can cast their vote. The developers of AGT have set aside two days to cast the NBC AGT vote — from 8:00 p.m. (ET) on Tuesday, August 16 to 7:00 a.m. (ET) on Wednesday (August 17). As the America’s Got Talent voting season almost comes to an end, many people are in search of how to vote during tonight’s second live episode of AGT 2022.

AGT Voting Methods

Now that we know when you can cast your NBC AGT vote, let’s find out how the AGT 2022 Voting Tonight process works. There are mainly two AGT voting methods one through their official website and other through their official app. Website and App Links are given below

NBC AGT Website

nbc agt app

You can get the app on both Google Play and Apple Store. To cast your NBC AGT vote you need to login to the website and app and follow the steps provided there.

Rules for America’s Got Talent Voting Process

Those who want to be part of tonight’s AGT 2022 voting are also wondering how many times they can cast their NBC AGT vote. Viewers will have a limit of ten votes per action and email address during each voting window. This is applicable for both the AGT voting methods.

America’s Got Talent

America’s Got Talent is a show that seeks talent. The show first premiered in 2006. The show is now in its season 16, it reflects the success of the show and how well the show was received by the audience. One of the main reasons for the success of the show is that the show is not limited to just one talent like singing or dancing. It is a show that promotes all kinds of talent. Read the article above to know more about AGT 2022 Voting Tonight.

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