BJP President JP Nadda Will Interact With Another Group Of Foreign Envoys Under BJP Ko Jaano Initiative

BJP Ko Jaano Initiative: BJP President JP Nadda will once again meet Foreign Envoys under the ‘Know BJP’ initiative. Continuing its initiative to reach out to people across the globe, the BJP is hoping to join ambassadors from over 150 countries. The fourth such meeting will be held on Saturday at the BJP Headquarters in Delhi. Mission Chiefs of 13 countries will participate in a conversation with BJP National President Jagat Prakash Nadda on Saturday at 4 pm.

This conversation is a part of a series of programs launched by the party’s national president on BJP’s foundation day on April 6, “BJP ko Jano”. The party presents detailed information on its historical journey, ideology, structure and ongoing activities. Nadda has also been elaborating on the history, struggles, successes, ideology and contribution of the party and BJP governments in nation building.

The messengers were divided into different groups

Envoys are divided into groups including African, East Asian, Gulf, CIS and North American countries. The next events of this series are to be held on June 13 and June 15. During today’s program BJP’s national spokesperson Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, Guru Prakash Paswan, party in-charge of foreign affairs department Vijay Chauthwale and some other eminent BJP leaders will also join JP Nadda. The Department of External Affairs, in its latest incarnation, was launched in November 2014 by the then BJP President Amit Shah with Chauthaiwala as its chairman.

That’s why the Know BJP initiative was started

On this matter, JP Nadda has said that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is the largest political organization in the world today. We want to improve relations with all political parties around the world, so that we can work towards creating a world where there is peace, development, prosperity and cooperation. This is the reason why we have taken the ‘BJP Ko Jaano Initiative’ initiative.

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