Bloodline The Last Royal Vampire Tier List July 2022! Get Bloodline Ultimate Royal Vampire Characters!

Bloodline The Last Royal Vampire Tier List July 2022

The complete Bloodline Last Royal Vampire tier list is explained here to help you determine which character is the best in the game. You can use this level list to determine the difference between characters, items, and other in-game resources. Finding the best character in Bloodline Last Royal Vampire game is really challenging as there are so many different characters. You can check the list here and identify the best character quickly and easily.

Bloodline The Last Royal Vampire Tier List

Tier Bloodline The Last Royal Vampire Tier List
s last, sean
a Ren, Leah
b lilo
C Lydia

bloodline the last royal vampire character

Bloodline is the Last Royal Vampire character


They make their debut in “Daybreak Fantasy” and are most feared by the Holy Land of the Twelve Royal Vampire Clans. They live in secrecy to avoid threats from the Holy Land and other hostile aliens, led by Lilo’s father, Last. Despite their historical distrust of the people, they are willing to turn anyone into a Royal Vampire if they write them a wish in a black envelope containing the large number 666. The last member of this family through natural descent is the Lilo Ae.

holy land

The primary adversary who aggressively pursues Lilo. They prey on anyone and everything they deem evil and will annihilate any human resistance. They have the authority and status of a specific church hierarchy. Many key members have diverse motivations, even if they have similar goals.

dark tower

A tower of infinite wisdom that houses and trains magicians. This building and its inhabitants are considered neutral by both the Holy Land and its enemies as they are particularly concerned with the study of magic. When the ASH unit of the Holy Land attacks, their atrocities cause the balance to fall, which feeds the sorcerers’ fury.

Bloodline The Last Royal Vampire Game Information

Bloodlines is a mobile role-playing card game with an anime aesthetic that emphasizes character advancement and customization. This enables players to create a hero roster that is uniquely personal to themselves. The Last Royal Vampire Lilo.I. And his friend Ron is followed by Pathak as they fight to save their loved ones from the military Holy Land.

Meet Lilo, the world’s only remaining royal vampire and an ancient princess. Help this teenage bloodthirsty and his allies fight the Holy Land, an organization of monster hunters on a mission to wipe out all heretics and Gentiles.

What is a tier list?

These are characters, divided into five groups based on their abilities.

  • Tier S – The best and strongest characters who have acquired the most unmatched skills, the others falling under this group.

  • Tier A – The characters in Tier A are very similar to S. They are also recognized as powerful characters as many of them possess the best skill, strategy, strength and stamina levels.

  • Tier B – With a perfect strategy these heroes can make them the best heroes for a fight but their abilities and power are a little less than the S and A characters.

  • Tier C – These are average characters, and most characters don’t come with strong skills to survive in the game.

  • Tier D – These are almost the weaker and less powerful characters in the game.

  • Bloodline Last Royal Vampire Tier List

  • bloodline last royal vampire character

  • bloodline the last royal vampire character

  • Bloodline The Last Royal Vampire Tier List

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