Brij 2022 Contestants Who are the contestants in Bridge?

Bridge 2022 Competitors

A one of its kind reality competition show shows members of the public wishing to win a huge cash prize by building a bridge to get there. In Series 2, two teams compete to be the first to win the £200,000 jackpot, unaware of what they are about to undertake. In the show, presented by AJ Odudu and accompanied by adventurer and explorer Aldo, contestants must put aside their personalities and problems to take on the ultimate challenge of physical stamina, mental brilliance and cooperation. In this article, we will know everything about Bridge 2022 contestants.

bridge channel 4 competitor

north beach

serial number competitors
1 aleem
2 David
3 requisition
4 crystal
5 frankie
6 Keira
7 loti
8 Ethan

south coast

serial number competitors
1 bassito
2 alex
3 Glasgow
4 dawn
5 kim
6 Richard
7 lauren
8 Sean

bridge channel 4 competitor 2022

north beach




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south coast






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Bridge 2022

This year’s season will feature 16 participants who will take on the challenge of building a bridge, but will be split into 2 teams and compete for double the prize money in Vietnam’s Ha Long Bay islands. They’ll encounter unexpected challenges and sneaky distractions along the way, disrupting the competition as we discover who’s ready to betray their teammates for personal gain. The team must build a 1,000-foot bridge using their bare hands in just 12 days to cross the South China Sea and grab the cash hidden behind a tower on the island. Both North Beach and South Beach began work on their respective bridges. However, only one team can win, and only one person on that team can win money!

bridge hosts

Season 2 of Bridge will be presented by TV host AJ Odudu and adventurer Aldo Kane, who will be in charge of operations in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. The first season of Bridges aired without a host, with X-Men actor James McAvoy interpreting the episode. AJ Odudu is best known for hosting Big Brother’s Bit on the Side and Married at First Sight: After, as well as appearing in last year’s Strictly Come Dancing. It recently announced the jury scores for the United Kingdom’s entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. Aldo Kane, his co-host, is an adventurer and enthusiast who has starred in BBC Two’s campaign Volcano, First Man Out, Tigers: Hunting the Traffickers. and Extreme Mountain Challenge, among other series.

Where to see Bridge 2022?

Bridge Season 2 returns to our screens on 7th June at 10 PM on Channel 4. From now on, the entire series will be available to watch on All 4. Channel 4 said earlier this year that the reality show would return for “Supersized”. “Second Series” at a brand new location. Bridge will air on HBO Max in the United States, while it will air on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom. The second season of Bridge saw its contestants head to Ha Long Bay, Vietnam to spice things up. Brought to the uninhabited islands. “The complicated part of this whole challenge is the fact that it’s an individual winner in the end, but you can’t get to the end without a team player,” Aldo says.

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