Continental-level list of Octopath Traveler champions, continental-level list of Octopath Traveler champions see here

Octopath Traveler Champions

Octopath Traveler Champions Of The Continent is a single-player and open-world RPG game based in the continent of Osteria. The game was originally released in Japan in 2019, but sadly, the game was delayed to October 2020. Later the beta version was set to English. The game is set on 2HD and HD basis graphics. We have added the tier list for Octopath Traveler Champions accordingly in the upcoming excerpts

Octopath Traveler Champions of the Continent Tier List

Octopath Traveler Champions Tier 0

Pot Capabilities
Ophelia AOE Healing
alfin AX. single-target strike with
Richard Single-target strike with sword
A2 Single-target strike with dagger
Cecily single target strike
Cyrus Electricity AOE

Octopath Traveler Champions Tier 1

Pot Capabilities
Sofia snow, aoi
viola Dagger, Single-Target
linnet Full Frontrow, Increases ATK/SPD/MAG by 10%
dorothea spear, single target
tikilen air single target
Eliza AOE
Adele CRIT, Dagger – Single-Target
Moolu fire, single target
soleil Light DMG Up, Single-Target Strike
yan long CRIT buff, picks up ATK for himself
haze Inflict Bleed, Single-Target – AX
drain Dark, Single-Target
chloe heal, + up[ATK/DEF/Lightning DEF]
Xanta AoE, Single-Target
odete air single target
light yellow BP Regeneration, 2X Dark Single-Target Strike
liana AOE strike with employees
2B CRIT, 1X Sword Single-Target
clauser Extends ATK/DEF/SPD for itself
titos 1X Talwar Single-Target Strike
cock 1X Lightning Single-Target, Gorgeous BP at Full Front Strike
therion 1X Dagger Single-Target, Gain BP
herminia 1X Bow Single-Target
araune AoE Healing, + max HP for allies
zegna ,
rondo ,
Auguste 5X Dagger Single-Target

Octopath Traveler Champions Tier 2

Pot Capabilities
heathcote AoE Strike With Dagger
nicola SP. restores
kersje Tilt Def, Single-Target
Gertrude ax single target
olberic sword single target
Joshua Single target dmg with sword. ATK/SWORD DMG UP FOR SELF
largo Fire AOE. Electricity AOE.
9 number cards Power single target. Def down on enemies. Reduce gradient points. reveals all weaknesses
scarecrow CRT Bow AOE.
fiore sword single target
Hanito Sword AOE. Bow AOE. Spear Single-Target
theres Electricity AOE
Tresa single target strike
lumis AX. single-target strike with
glossum Def down on enemies. Fan, single-target strike
location Dark, Single-Target
workino Light AOE
edia def/magic def up, self counter
agnes Full Frontrow Regeneration, SPD Up
cardona Aoi struck with a spear. full front heel
falco Single-Target Strike with Dagger, Full Frontro Dagger DMG Up
district Single-target strike with bow
Valudai random attack with spear
nonya Spear, AOE. Promotes Allies

Octopath Traveler Champions Tier 3

Pot Capabilities
millard AoE Healing, Up Light DEF
mabel Lightning AoE, Wind Def Up
shelby AX. With 4X Single Target Strike
menno Air[Def Down, Random Target]
cedric AOE strike with employees. Mag def down. chance of bleeding
barrad single target strike
lucetta AoE with bow, def down on enemies
Bertrand Sudden lightning strike, possibility of paralysis
sigrid AOE strike with sword
Laura Single Target DMG, Lightning
Devin Self X10% Def/MDef Up for X3 Turns, Self HP Regen for X2 Turns (X100 Regen Strength)
gilderoy Self X10% Def/MDef Up for x3 Turns, Self “Counter Physical/Magic Attacks” buff for x3 Turns (180 Power Spear counter)
lionel ,
Durand ,
kenneth ,
Harley ,

Octopath Traveler Champions Tier 4

  • Meena[Dancer] – tier 4

  • Eye pupil[Dancer] – tier 4

  • fabio[Dancer] – tier 4

  • nonen[Scholar] – tier 4

  • Peredir[Scholar] – tier 4

  • heinz[Scholar] – tier 4

  • levan[Scholar] – tier 4

  • merito[Apoth.] – tier 4

  • madelaine[Cleric] – tier 4

  • wingate[Thief] – tier 4

  • low[Thief] – tier 4

  • aslyte[Thief] – tier 4

  • helga[Merchant] – tier 4

  • drank[Merchant] – tier 4

  • erná[Merchant] – tier 4

  • Trish[Warrior] – tier 4

  • Jørn[Warrior] – tier 4

  • ashlan[Hunter] – tier 4

  • Lolo[Hunter] – tier 4

Octopath Traveler Champions Tier 5

  • rodion[Apoth.] – Tier 5

  • Cornelia[Apoth.] – Tier 5

  • Ramona[Cleric] – Tier 5

  • jose[Cleric] – Tier 5

  • billy[Thief] – Tier 5

  • nanna[Warrior] – Tier 5

  • yugo[Warrior] – Tier 5

  • Younis[Scholar] – Tier 5

  • miles away[Scholar] – Tier 5

  • narrow[Hunter] – Tier 5

Octopath Traveler Champions Tier 6

  • Tele – Tier 6

  • Rita[Apoth.] – Tier 6

  • Pennies[Apoth.] – Tier 6

  • Diego[Thief] – Tier 6

  • feline[Thief] – Tier 6

  • kurtzi[Thief] – Tier 6

  • Juan[Merchant] – Tier 6

  • carol[Merchant] – Tier 6

  • tahiro[Warrior] – Tier 6

  • faction[Hunter] – Tier 6

  • Vivian[Hunter] – Tier 6

  • Camilla[Hunter] – Tier 6

  • manuel[Dancer] – Tier 6

  • evelyn[Dancer] – Tier 6

Octopath Traveler Champions Tier 7

  • many[Warrior] – Tier 7

  • Connie[Merchant] – Tier 7

  • Iron rods[Apoth.] – Tier 7

  • George[Apoth.] – Tier 7

  • Pearl[Cleric] – Tier 7

  • To trouble[Dancer] – Tier 7

  • julio[Scholar] – Tier 7

  • dorry[Scholar] – Tier 7

  • sunny[Hunter] – Tier 7

What is a Tier?

  • Tier 0 – This group consists of the strongest, most superior characters with the most extraordinary abilities.

  • Tier 1 – Tier 1 characters are similar to Tier 0 characters. They are also recognized as strong characters as many of them possess the highest levels of talent, strategy, strength and endurance.

  • Tier 2 – Under a proper strategy, these heroes can make themselves the best heroes for a fight, but their abilities and power are slightly lower than those of characters 1 and 2.

  • Tier 3 – These are typical characters, and most of them lack the skills to survive in the game.

  • Tier 4 – These are essentially the weaker and less powerful characters in the game.

  • Tier 5 – These characters are weaker than Tier 4.

  • Tier 6-8 – These Characters 5. are weaker than

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