Is Ernest Khalimov still alive? Ernest Khalimov’s death, car accident, age and height

Ernest Khalimov

GigaChad’s birth place is in Moscow, Russia and was born between 1991 and 2001. GigaChad’s birth name and real name is Ernest Khalimov. He is a Russian fitness model, bodybuilder, fitness trainer, internet personality and entrepreneur by business. GigaChad was born in Moscow, Russia. Ernest Khalimov is a well-known and well-known model who mainly works for Menswear brands. Gigachad became famous when the public started making memes from his pictures.

Is Ernest Khalimov still alive?

Is fitness model Ernest Khalimov still alive or has he died? Many fans wonder whether Ernest Khalimov is alive or dead, and they continue to search the Internet for answers. There were rumors on the Internet about the death of Ernest Khalimov and many fans were devastated to hear the news. However, he is still alive and well, so fans are relieved that your fitness model Ernest Khalimov is still alive.

Ernest Khalimov death

In April 2021, a rumor spread on the Internet that Ernest Khalimov had died in a car accident. According to the latest media reports, the news of Giga Chad’s car accident is only a rumour. According to reliable sources, Ernest Khalimov is still alive. He is currently focusing on his fitness modeling career.

Ernest Khalimov car accident

According to a story that went viral on the Internet in April 2021, Ernest Khalimov was killed in a car accident. There are many rumors flying on social media regarding his car accident. The car accident related to GigaChad is only a rumour. Ernest Khalimov, aka Gigachad, is still alive. Currently, he is focusing on his fitness modeling career. There is no official news report that an internet personality named Ernest Khalimov died in a car accident. Since the fake rumors came from unreliable sources, many social media users were hesitant to believe them.

Ernest Khalimov Meme Virali

The memes about GigaChad went viral on the internet. When his picture went viral, people started questioning whether Gigachad was real. In October 2017, a photo of Ernest Khalimov was shared on 4chan. After that he called it Gigachad. Upon learning of Gigachad’s death, many followers began searching for him, which was widely publicized on the Internet. Ernest Khalimov is not dead yet. He took to his Instagram account to thank everyone for their positive energy.

Ernest Khalimov Age

GigaChad was born between 1991 and 1992 to his parents in Moscow, Russia. According to rumors, his real name is Ernest Khalimov. His age is between 30 and 31. Ernest Khalimov is currently unmarried and is focusing on his professional life rather than his personal life. He is seen with Krista Sudmalis on his Instagram account, where he posts his photo. Krista Sudmalis is a well-known photographer and digital designer by profession.

Ernest Khalimov Height

Ernest Khalimov is a Russian businessman. 6′ 11″ ft., 2.10 by 210 cm in cm. Gigachad aka Ernest Khalimov became popular on the internet after people started developing memes based on their viral images. There are lots to choose from. In no time, he became famous. GigaChad also expressed his gratitude for everyone’s amazing energy and appreciation.

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