Is Kamal still alive? Know Amazing Age, Wife, Daughter and more

Who is Kamal?

Australian singer and record producer Kamhal, better known by his stage name Kandiya Kamleshwaran AM, was born in Malaysia. The Kent Music Report singles list placed “Sounds of Goodbye” as their highest-charting Australian single in the top 20. “The Elephant Song”, another 1975 hit, reached its peak at number one in both the Netherlands and Belgium. Pop and adult contemporary music make up most of his repertoire.

Is Kamal still alive?

Kamal is still alive and healthy. Kamal Ke Naam has 33 albums. Their latest album, Invictus, was released three years and eight months ago. He was 83 when the Invictus was made available. He was 35 when his first album, Lovin’ Kind, was released; It was released 52 years back. The album contained 12 tracks.

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Kamal was born on November 13, 1934 in Kuala Lumpur. He is 87 years old now. He holds dual citizenship of Australia and Malaysia. Kamal attended Pembroke School and Victoria Institution for his education. Kamal sings. His voice is baritone. He is a singer and artist who is Malaysian-Australian and best known for his work on The Elephant Song. Kamal has performed in public. He has received the Centenary Medal, the Australian Father of the Year Award and membership of the Order of Australia.

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Kamal married Sihodra, an Indo-Fijian woman, in 1967 due to the disapproval of his family. There was no chance that my parents would have approved. They had two children, Rajan and Rani. Queen’s short-lived singing career peaked in the late 1990s. After 55 years of marriage, Kamal and Sihodara announced their separation in November 2021.

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Kamal married Sahodara in 1967. They had two children, Rajan and Rani. Australian singer Rani Kamleshwaran, better known by her stage name Rani, was born in 1971. Their first single, “Always on My Mind”, had significant nationwide rotation on Triple J, peaked at number 33 on the ARIA Singles Chart, and was nominated for the 1997 ARIA Awards for Best New Talent and Best Pop Release.

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