MasterChef Australia fan vs favorite 2022 contestants, start dates, filming locations, and prize money

MasterChef Australia Fans Vs Favorites

In 2022, the heads of TV kitchens have found a new model and script for the new season of MasterChef Australia: fans and favourites. Channel 10 is bringing back reality shows to cover audiences interested in cooking. Jock Zonfrilo, Melissa Leong and Andy Allen are the judges of the reality show MasterChef Australia: Fans and Favorites.

MasterChef Australia 2022 Competitors

Many contestants from different backgrounds are going to participate in MasterChef Australia Fans Vs Favorites. A total of 24 contestants are going to participate in this reality show. Here is the list of those contestants.

serial number competitors
1 Christina Batista
2 minoli de silva
3 Sarah Todd
4 alvin
5 Julie Goodwin
6 Michael Weldon
7 Mindy Woods
8 Billy McKue
9 Shashi Cheliyah
10 aldo ortado
1 1 aldo ortado
12 Tommy Famo
13 john caracigo
14 jane lee
15 Dulan Hapuarachi
16 Mince Vasquez Monteiro
17 Chris Tran
18 Montana Hughes
19 Ali Stoner
20 Danielle Lamble
21 matte landmark
22 Harry Tomlinson
23 Max Krapivsky
24 Melanie Person

1) Christina Batista

Christina Barista is returning from MasterChef in Season 5, which aired in 2013. She had developed into cooking since childhood. She is the best at cooking Portuguese food. She is one of the Tik-Tok personalities who give cooking tips.

2) Minoli de Silva

Minoli da Silva is one of the newest contestants in the history of the MasterChef reality show. He is a chemical engineer by profession. She intends to cook Sri Lankan country-based food.

3) Sarah Todd

Sara Todd is the co-owner of two eateries in Goa called The Wine Rack and Antares Restaurant and Beach Club. She is from India, and has released two cookbooks. She appeared in cooking shows that aired on SBS and Foxtel. She is a mother of one who initially established a career in modeling when she was discovered at the age of 18.

4) Alvin

Alvin has already participated in the second season in 2010. He is born in Kuala Lumpur with Sino-Malaysian heritage. He is very fond of making Malaysian cuisine. He is famous for his Chinese and Thai food.

5) Julie Goodwin

In the first season of MasterChef in 2009, Julie Goodwin participated as a contestant and won that season of MasterChef in 2009. On that show, he cooked up a nail-biting grand finale against Poh Ling Yew. She has released a few cooking books. She appeared as a guest in MasterChef.

6) Michael Weldon

Michael participated in the finale of MasterChef season 3. He was runner-up to Kate Brax. He now serves as the co-host of Farm to Fork, a Channel 10 food show. He comes from South Australia.

7) Mindy Woods

Mindy Woods has already participated in the fourth MasterChef show. He is famous for his content. She is a Bundjalung woman of the Widjabul Via Bull clan. Mindy is the owner of Karkala, a Byron Bay restaurant. She has an added talent for choosing the world’s oldest ingredients for cooking.

8) Billy McKue

In 2015, Billy was the winner of the seventh season of MasterChef Australia. After her success, she moved to London. In London, he served in The Fat Duck. The Fat Duck is a Heston Blumenthal’s famous three-Michelin star restaurant.

9) Shashi Cheliyah

Shashi Chelia is the winner of Season 10 of MasterChef Australia in 2018. He worked as a top cook in food preparation in restaurants in Melbourne and Adelaide. He has a talent for cooking Indian, Malaysian and Chinese cuisines. He is an expert in Indian cooking.

10) Aldo Ortado

Aldo Ortado is one of the new faces of the show. He became interested in cooking since childhood. He is one of the experts in Italian foods. He has a restaurant in Sydney. He has participated in many cooking shows.

MasterChef Australia filming

MasterChef Australia will be shot at the Centenary Hall of the Royal Melbourne Show Grounds. The safety precautions during COVID-19 have been covered over the past two years in the making of the show.

masterchef australia start date

MasterChef Australia: Fans & Favorites will be broadcast on Channel 10 and 10 Play On Demand on Monday 18th April, 2022 at 7.30 pm.

MasterChef Australia: Fans and Favorites Prize Money

The winner of MasterChef Australia will receive a quarter million ($25,00,000) in prize money at the show. $30,000 will be given to the first runner-up and $20,000 to the second runner-up.

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