Prophet Muhammad Controversy Union Home Ministry Alerted States After Uproar

MHA on Prophet Muhammad Row: In many states across the country, people raised slogans and pelted stones after offering Friday prayers on Friday. Due to which apart from assaulting the police in many places, incidents of arson were also seen. At present, the Ministry of Home Affairs has instructed the police chiefs of the states and union territories to be alert regarding this.

Several incidents of violence and protests have been reported from different parts of the country over controversial remarks made by suspended BJP leader Nupur Sharma and expelled leader Naveen Jindal against Prophet Muhammad. Taking cognizance of this, the Ministry of Home Affairs has issued a statement to all the state and union territory police.

Alert to the police of states and union territories

A senior Home Ministry official has informed that they have sent an alert to the police of all the states and union territories, saying that there is a possibility of violence at any time, so they can be targeted. Therefore, all the state and union territory police have been asked to be alert.

According to the senior official, ‘deliberate efforts are being made to disturb the peace of the country. Before this is done further, our police and paramilitary force will also need to be on alert mode if needed. The policemen deployed to counter any untoward incident have been ordered to be in proper riot gear to maintain law and order.

Keep an eye on the chaotic elements

He says, ‘Many instructions have been issued in the states to keep an eye on the elements giving any kind of provocative speeches. We have directed the state police to identify and take necessary action against those who posted live videos of violence and provocative speeches.

At present, this order came after the violence broke out in Prayagraj and protests in Moradabad, Saharanpur and Firozabad, the Ministry of Home Affairs has asked all the states to take precautionary measures and keep an eye on the borders. And an order has been issued to identify the sensitive areas.

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