Prophet Remarks Row UP Government Tough On Violence Action Against Culprits 237 Arrested Ann | Prophet Remarks Row: Government has come down hard on violence in UP, action will be taken against those who disturb peace

Prophet Muhammad Row: Now the UP government has become strict in the violence that took place after Friday prayers across the country including UP. Taking action against the accused of violence and stone pelting, the government has arrested a total of 237 people. At the same time, 13 FIRs have been registered against the accused in 9 districts of the state.

In this, 68 people have been arrested in Prayagraj, 55 in Saharanpur, 50 in Hathras, 28 in Ambedkar Nagar, 25 in Moradabad and 3 in Aligarh. Apart from this, the UP Police has detained Javed Ahmed, the mastermind of the violence in Prayagraj. The police allege that anti-social elements used minor children to pelt stones at the police and administration. Case registered under 29 important sections.

What did SSP say?
Giving information in this matter, Prayagraj SSP Ajay Kumar said, “A case has been registered in police station Khurja Bad and Kareli under 29 sections. 70 accused and more than 5000 unknowns are named. They are being identified on the basis of the video. So far 68 people have been detained. Action will be taken against them under Gangster Act and NSA also.

condition normal
On the other hand, the atmosphere in Prayagraj is normal on the second day on Saturday. In the areas where there was stone pelting and more violence, the police have taken quick raids. Roads leading to violence-prone areas including Atala are still closed. The roads have been barricaded and closed. Police is continuously patrolling these areas. Additional forces have been called in Prayagraj from 4 districts of the zone. Apart from this, many PAC and Paramilitary Force companies are also deployed.

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