Rajya Sabha Election Live: 4 states, 16 seats and 21 candidates… Chances of cross voting, Haryana Congress MLAs leave for Chandigarh

BJP has fielded Krishna Lal Panwar, who is sure to win. Ajay Maken is in the fray from the Congress side, but his victory is not certain. Because as an independent candidate, industrialist Karthikeya Sharma is taking the field today.  The foundation of Maken is being shaken by the entry of Kartikeya Sharma in the Rajya Sabha elections from Haryana. This is being said because  Every candidate needs 31 votes to go to the Rajya Sabha from the 90-seat Haryana Vidhan Sabha.

BJP has 40, that means one of its candidates will win, 9 votes are wasted. The compulsion of the Congress is that its MLAs are only 31, out of which one Kuldeep Bishnoi is angry. While 10 MLAs of JJP and 9 other MLAs are with Karthikeya Sharma.



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