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real housewives of cape town

TV Show The Real Housewives of Cape Town (RHOCT) is a South African TV series which is going to be released on July 10, 2022, and will be aired on Mzansi Magic. The series is shown in four installments, and the theme of the series reflects the personal and professional lives of the participants who live in “Cape Town, South Africa”. The Real Housewives of Cape Town stars Loveline Abinokouno, Kutazawa Gaqirana, Camilla McDowell, Thato Montessey, Rushda Moosajee, Beverly Stan and Lulwando Tukewayo.

Cape Town Cast. the real housewives

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loveline abinokhauno 1
Kutazawa “Ruxi” Gakirana 1
Camilla McDowell 1
thatto montsey 1
Rushda Moosaji 1
Beverly Stan 1
Lluwando “Lue” Tukawayo 1

real housewives of cape town cast name list

loveline abinokhauno

She is a successful entrepreneur, blogger and mom influencer. Mrs. Leo is the owner of La Prive Concierge & Events, a concierge and events company. She is also a proud wife of 14 years and mother of three girls and one boy. She has worked as a Recruitment Consultant, Personal Assistant and Social Media Manager throughout her customer service career and continually seeks to enhance her experience and certification.

Kutazawa “Ruxi” Gakirana

Ruxie is a sucker for all things interior design, in particular. She sells the latest fashion trends for men and women through her company, Style Boutique SA. She defines herself as a go-getter and hustler, having been born in Gkebera and now calling Cape Town home. When she makes up her mind for something, it is almost certain to be successful. To portray themselves, scoundrels will use the words energetic, courageous, devoted, loyal, humble, selfless and family-oriented.

Camilla McDowell

He is a humanitarian, beekeeper, an entrepreneur and a public speaker. He is a vintage automobile collector, a beekeeper and a public speaker. Camilla is devoted to her family and has earned the title of Queen of Constantia. With her thunderous vintage Rolls Royce moonshadow, she attends every social function, money and glory run through her veins, and she has nothing to prove to anyone.

thatto montsey

Thatto holds a Garageist winemaking diploma and is a member of the Black Cellar Club – the Black Cellar Club. He is an entrepreneur, strategist, designer, thinker and wine enthusiast. His passion for wine inspired him to launch his own label, Thato Wines, which was recently acquired by the Spar chain. She describes herself as divisive, genuine, uncensored, unapologetic, amusing and explosive.

Rushda Moosaji

Rushda Moosajee, also known as Rushtash, has a huge social media following and a fitness business. He has over 70,000 followers worldwide and nearly three million weekly Instagram impressions. She is a mother of three sons and a certified personal trainer and online coach. He is determined, dedicated and highly ambitious. She is always comfortable standing alone and doesn’t want anyone’s approval or validation to take over her heart.

Beverly Stan

He is a real estate tycoon and go-getter. Beverly is a businesswoman and entrepreneur from Kwa-Zulu Natal who moved to Cape Town five years ago. She defines herself as a hardworking worker who is passionate and creative as well. Beverly is a firm believer in the possibility of anything in life and refuses to hold back for anyone.

Lluwando “Lue” Tukawayo

Lulvando is a property entrepreneur, a digital creator, and a mother of three children. She is originally from Khayelitsha. She is a Chartered Accountant who enjoys working with community-based organizations addressing GBV concerns. She is the founder of Wings to Learn, a non-profit organization.

Overview of The Real Housewives of Cape Town

Specifications description
Chain real housewives of cape town
Style tv show
country of origin South Africa
Language English
Network fun magic
weather 1
release date 10 July 2022
Duration 45 minutes
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