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Who is Suzu Hirose?

Suzu Hirose is a Japanese model and actress. Her elder sister Alice Hirose is also an actress and model. She went on to reconcile with her older sister under her own identity. His real name is Oishi Suzuka. Suzu Hirose was a high school basketball player and is considered one of the most talented young Japanese actors. When her mother and she went to an event in Seventeen magazine where her sister was modeling, she was discovered. In early 2012, she worked as a model for Seventeen magazine in Japan. She appeared in a wedding planning commercial in 2014 at the age of sixteen, and at the age of seventeen, there were rumors that she was seen at a love hotel with a member Johnny’s junior.

Suzu Hirose Movies & TV Shows


year title
2013 sorry king
2014 Hokago Tachi: Lolita Nante
crows blast
2015 our little sister
boy and animal
2016 Chihyafuru Part 1
chihyafuru part 2
your lie in april
2017 Let’s Go, Jets!
My teacher
third murder
2018 Laplace’s Witch
chihyafuru part 3
Sunny: Our hearts beat together
2019 Lupine III: The First
2020 last letter
not dead yet
The untold story of the Three Kingdoms
2021 farewell morning
2022 vagabond

suzu hirose tv shows

suzu hirose tv drama

year title
2013 kasukana kanojo
take five
Gekiryū: Watashi or Oboe Imasuka?
2014 bitter blood
Tokyo ni Olympic or Yonda Otokos
2015 girls speech
2016 mysterious thief Yamaneko
2018 Anone
We are rockets!
2019 natsuzora
2021 air girl
Lyrics by Ain: Haiku Lessons by Ain Sakuragi
2022 Tsuda Umeko: Osatsu ni Natta Ryugakusi

Suzu Hirose Biography

Specifications description
Real Name suzu hirose
profession actor
Age (2021) 24 years
birth place shizuoka
Date of birth 19 June 1998
Sun sign Gemini
hometown shizuoka
to eat. habit Not available
nationality Japani
height 5′ 3″

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