Van Der Valk Cast Who Are the Cast in Van Der Valk?

van der walko

British television crime drama series Van der Valk follows an Amsterdam-based detective, based on the novels by Nicholas Freiling. Simon “Piet” van der Valk, the primary character, was portrayed by Barry Foster from 1972 to 1992 and by Mark Warren after 2020. The first three seasons were produced for the ITV network between 1972 and 1977, and two more were ordered in 1991. and 1992. In 2020, the series was given a complete makeover with a new cast and cast of characters, and this time developed for ITV. A second series began airing in February 2022, ending in April 2020. The original stories have also been adapted for radio and film.

van der valk cast list

Throw Character
mark warren Piet van der Walko
Mamie McCoy Lucien Hassell
Luke Allen-Gayle Brad De Vries
Elliot Barnes-Worrell job clovers
Darrell D’Silva hendrick davy
Emma Fielding Julia Dahlman
mike lebanon Cliff Palache
Peter van Heeringen homeless frank
Los Havercourt Lena Linderman
Eva Marie Day femke de hano
Mark Ritman John Ludlow
Frida Bernhard Agatha Voso
Taj Atwali Amina
christina cole Heidi Berlin
Francis Gray Claudia Osterhuis
Robert Boulter Tony Elderlink
Julia Ackermans Angelina Cooper
Thomas Acda Arjan Hershey

van der valk cast

1) Mark Warren-Piet van der Valko

English actor Mark Warren best known for his roles on British television. He has played a variety of characters, such as Albert Blithe in Band of Brothers, Pete van der Valk in the TV series Van Der Valk, Danny Blue in Hustle, Dougie Raymond in The Vice, Dominic Foy in State of Play, Rick in Mad Dogs, Comte de Rochefort in The Musketeers, and Jonathan Strange and Gentlemen in Mr. Norrell.

2) Mamie McCoy – Lucien Hassell

On April 21, 1979, Mamie McCoy was born in Stadlebridge, Northallerton, Yorkshire, England. He is an actor and producer best known for his work in Virgin Territory (2003), The Libertine (2004), and Early Days (2018). McCoy’s vast film career covers episodes of Taggart, Waking the Dead, Doctors, The Bill and The Bill. She portrayed Nicole Palmerston-Emory, a “man-eater, cynical realist (who favors money over love)” in the 2009 film Personal Affairs. McCoy was nominated for the TV Quickie Award for Best Supporting Actress for this performance, her first leading role.

3) Luke Allen-Gayle -Brad De Vries

The son of a cabinet maker and a scientist, Luke was raised in the British Westcountry. Over the years, he has worked hard in various disciplines to support his career choice. She attended the Drama Center London before leaving early to work on Kenneth Branagh’s Wallander. He enjoys the outdoors and sports, and is a committed volunteer and supporter of charitable causes.

van der Valk trailer

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