What happened to Angelica Devereux in Days of Our Lives? Did Angelica Devereux die in Days of Our Lives?

Angelica Devereaux from Days of Our Lives

Days of Our Lives is a famous American television soap opera broadcast on NBC. Angelica Devereaux is a famous fictional character from Days of Our Lives. Jane Elliot portrayed the character 1987–89, Shelley Taylor Morgan in 1989 and Judith Chapman (1989–91, 2018). It was announced that Morgan would play the character in the summer of 2017. Morgan’s first appearance was on June 14, 2017 and his last appearance was on August 25, 2017. Judith Chapman returns as Anjelica for the 1-episode dream sequence. October 31, 2018. See what happened to Angelica Devereaux in Days of Our Lives here.

Judith Chapman

What happened to Angelica Devereux in Days of Our Lives?

In Days of Our Lives, Angelica Devereaux had a headache, and died while she was fighting Bonnie. Lucas Horton thought he had killed Anjelica, but it soon became clear that the woman had died of natural causes.

The role was temporarily performed in 1989 by Judith Chapman, who plays Gloria in the now famous soap opera The Young and the Restless. Later, Shelly Taylor Morgan took over the role. And then Anjelica appeared in a Halloween dream sequence in 2018. Judith was playing the role again.

What happened to Angelica Devereaux?

Many bad things happened to Anjelica Devereaux in Salem. She had an affair with Justin Kiriyakis and became pregnant while marrying Harper. She discovered that her real father was Justin. Victor asks her to marry him so that he can claim the child as his own, but Anjelica says yes to Neil Curtis instead. Victor’s harsh words force Neil to gamble again, and he is in debt, so Anjelica breaks up with him.

Angelica Devereaux on Days of Our Lives

Angelica tells Adrienne who Alexander Kiriakis’ father was after giving birth so that Adrienne leaves Justin. But it didn’t work out, and she agreed to marry Victor, believing that Justin would break up with her. Adrienne pretended to be pregnant for fear of losing Justin. But Anjelica came to know of the truth and later the couple broke up. Angelica attempts to kill Adrienne. Justin saved his ex-girlfriend and also blamed him for the explosion.

Did Angelica Devereux die in Days of Our Lives?

Yes. Anjelica decides to leave Salem with Sikandar as she knew the truth would come out. Although Anjelica briefly told everyone that she had died in the plane crash, she had already boarded another flight. But later he died in the soap itself. She had a headache and suddenly died while she was fighting with Bonnie.

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