Who is Chris Downey from 60 Minutes? chris downey wikipedia, age, net worth

Chris Downey Architect Wikipedia

Chris Downey is an Architect and Consultant for Architecture Firms. Currently, he works as a consultant at SmithGroup, JJR, and The Design Partnership. Some of his projects are the Duke Eye Center and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Vision and Rehabilitation Tower, which help people who are blind or have vision problems. Chris Downey was seen with Leslie Stahl on the 60 Minutes news magazine network, where he shared his story. Chris is survived by a wife, Rosa Downey, and a son, Renzo.


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Who is Chris Downey from 60 Minutes?

Chris Downey is an Architect and Consultant for Architecture Firms. Currently, he works as a consultant hired by the companies Smithgroup, JJR and The Design Partnership. Chris has been seen on the show 60 Minutes, an American news magazine broadcast on the CBS television network published by Leslie Stahl. Chris Downey’s story begins with his son; When they were playing catch, they found something unfamiliar. After consulting a doctor, Chris discovered that he had a tumor near his optic nerve. Though he was operated for nine and a half hours to get rid of it, the result was expected by the doctors. Chris went completely blind in 2008. Chris has a wife named Rosa Downey and a son named Renzo.

chris downey age

Chris Downey is currently 59 years old. At the age of 45, he lost his sight and became blind because he discovered he had a tumor near his optic nerve. Although Chris’s surgery took nine and a half hours to remove the tumor, the doctor warned him that Chris would be blind. Chris’s wife, Rosa Downey, said he could see when he woke up after surgery, but soon his vision was gone and he could no longer see.

Chris Downey net worth

Chris Downey’s net worth is unknown. Furthermore, his net worth can be estimated as a millionaire with a net worth of more than $1.2 million. During his entry-level job as an architect, he earned approximately $53K in San Francisco, CA. The average salary for a senior architect is approximately $138,967 per year. Being blind and practicing and assisting in building galleries, parks and colleges for the blind and visually impaired, he is earning a fair amount as his salary. In 2020, he got to assist Think and Grimshaw in designing the Expo 2020 Dubai Sustainability Pavilion.

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