Who is Toby Keith Married to? Toby Keith wife, colon cancer, songs and net worth

Who is Toby Keith Married to?

Toby Keith Cowell was born on 8 July 1961 in Clinton, Oklahoma, USA. He is an American music singer, songwriter, actor and record producer. His love for music was inspired as a boy when he went to his grandmother’s Billy Garner’s supper club in Fort Smith, Arkansas. He worked odd jobs around the supper club throughout the summer and occasionally played music with the band. The potential singer-songwriter earned $50,000 a year working in oil fields and dabbling in music. To finish, he also played defensive end for the Oklahoma City Drillers, a semi-pro football team.

toby keith wife

Toby Keith is now happily married to Trika Lucas. The couple got married in 1984. Toby and Tricia both have three children together named Crystal Keith, Stellan Keith Cowell and Shelley Cowell Rowland. Tricia Lucas Cowell initially caught her eye in an Oklahoma nightclub in 1981, when she was 20 and he was 19. After three years of dating, the couple wed on 24 March 1984 and have been married for 37 years.
Nineteen studio albums, two Christmas albums and five compilation albums have been released by the singer-songwriter.

toby keith colon cancer

Toby Keith, a country musician, has been diagnosed with colon cancer, he announced on social media. Last October, the 60-year-old country music artist revealed on Instagram that he had been diagnosed with cancer. Toby Keith announced the devastating news of being diagnosed with cancer in June 2022.

Toby Keith said in the statement, “Last time I was diagnosed with colon cancer. I’ve spent the past 6 months getting chemo, radiation and surgery. So far all is well. I’ve been able to breathe, recover and rest. Need time.

He concluded by saying, “I look forward to spending this time with my family. But I will see the fans as soon as possible. I can’t wait. -Tea”.

toby keith songs

serial number toby keith songs release year
1 35 mph Town 2015
2 what size i wear 2012
3 nothing is breaking 2010
4 american ride 2009
5 american soldier 2003
6 as good as i once was 2005
7 beautiful Stranger 2015
8 beer first 2011
9 before we knew they were good 2013
10 big blue note 2005
1 1 bullets in gun 2010
12 cabo san lucas 2008
13 call a marine 2013
14 chill-axis 2011
15 Chucky gone 2013
16 Clancy’s Tavern 2011
17 club zydeco moon 2011
18 cold beer country 2012
19 Courtesy of Red, White and Blue (The Angry American) 2002
20 creole woman 2008
21 Cryin’ for me (Wayman song) 2009
22 dream walkin’ nineteen ninety eight
23 drinks after work 2013
24 play it at home 2010
25 drunk american 2014
26 found it 2012
27 get my drink 2007
28 get out of my car 2010
29 god love her 2008
30 Haggard, Hank and Hero 2015
31 happy birthday america 2021
32 the hard way to live the easy life 2013
33 Haven’t drunk alcohol all day 2012
34 haven’t seen the last of you 2012
35 high maintenance woman 2007
36 honkytonk u 2005
37 hope on the rocks 2012
38 how do you like Me Now!? 1999
39 it hurts a lot when you go 2008
40 i got it for you girl 2008
41 i like girls who drink beer 2012
42 i want to hear a country song 2011
43 i want to talk about myself 2001
44 i won’t let you down 2011
45 I’ll be out fishin’ 2013
46 I’m Just Talkin’ About Tonight 2001
47 If you’re trying you’re not 2009
48 in a few days 2010
49 Is That All You Got 2010
50 just another sunset 2011
51 kiss in the rain 2010
52 last living cowboy 2013
53 little miss tear stan 2013
54 lost you anyway 2008
55 love me if you can 2007
56 made in America 2011
57 miss you just right 2012
58 I am missing you 2008
59 Nights I can’t remember, guys I’ll never forget 2003
60 Red Solo Cup 2011
61 rum is the reason 2015
62 sailboat for sale 2015
63 scat cat 2012
64 she never cried in front of me 2008
65 show me what you’re dealing with 2013
66 shut up and wait 2013
67 somewhere else 2010
68 south of you 2011
69 as tender i want to be 2009
70 that doesn’t make me bad 2008
71 that’s country bro 2019
72 the other side 2013
73 what size i wear 2012
74 Taliban Songs 2003
75 think about yourself all the time 2010
76 trailerhood 2010
77 time taken 2008
78 try to fall in love 2011
79 wacky tobacco 2017
80 weed with villi 2003
81 whiskey girl 2003
82 much more than that 2013
83 you’re not alone 2012
84 you are not very funny 1995
85 you already love me 2008
86 you shouldn’t kiss me like this 1999

Toby Keith net worth

Toby Keith has a net worth of $500 million and is an American country singer, songwriter, actor, and record producer. Toby is one of country music’s most popular artists in recent decades. He is also a very successful businessman.

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