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Zindagi Channel was a Hindi language Indian general entertainment channel. The channel promoted itself as a television channel for broadcasting short programs and became India’s new Hindi entertainment channel. It also syndicated content from various countries such as Brazil, Pakistan, South Korea, Turkey and Ukraine. It was owned by Zee Entertainment Enterprises. It was initially launched on 23 June 2014. During the premiere, the syndicated Pakistani serial, ‘Aun Zara’ ended its show in 20 days from 23 June 2014 to 12 July 2014. After that, it also aired shows. In August 2015, Zindagi produced its first original Indian reality show Thank You.

It also partnered with BIG FM 92.7 for seven weeks. In the 2016 Uri terror attack, the channel removed all Pakistani shows from storage. On 1 July 2017, Zindagi channel became a digital channel which can be accessed only on OZEE app. After the launch of ZEE5, Zindagi Zindagi went digital, where it airs international shows from other countries. On 4 September 2020, ZEE Special Projects CCO Shailja Kejriwal announced that they will not be a television platform, and will be available only in the ZEE5 app. On 16 March 2022, Selja Kejriwal indicated that Zindagi would return to the television format. On 23 May 2022, it was launched as Tata Play Zindagi, Dish TV as Zindagi Active and d2h as DTH enabled service on Tata Play.

zindagi channel serial list 2022

Serial Zindagi given below are current programming on digital and television platforms.

year serials
2022 Mrs and Mr Shamim


sun wall
names of murderers


a false love story

The below serials are not broadcast on the television platform on Zindagi channel. Instead, it was aired on the ZEE5 app.

Specifications description


Pablo Escobar, The Drug Lord
Relationship Status It’s Complicated
Bread, love and dreams
descendants of the sun
boys over Flowers
white-flowered plant


what did you drink
my name is yusuf
Baba Jani
Bunty I love you
Hey Rangreza
bye bye bye
my secret terrius
partner for justice
queen of mystery
my golden life
witch in court


my sister maya
Piya man bhaye
left a gap
Those who walk have passed away
written on the sky
my friend my friend
be ab
m i raksamy

Top 5 Zindagi Channel Famous Serials of All Time

year serials
2014 life is busy
2015 Time has done what beautiful Sitam
2014-2015 Yeh Galiyan Yeh Chaubar
2014 Thakano
2015 Thanks

zindagi channel show

Mentioned below are the pre aired shows on Zindagi channel from 2014 to 2017.

year shows
2017 love story
2015-2016 half done
2014 mirror of the bride
2015 today is the color
2015 Meet Julie
2016 your difference
2016-2017 if you are with
2016 arranged marriage
2015 ashko
2014 oh jaras
2015 Azar’s wedding procession
2015 changing relationships
2016 Babylon’s prayers lie down
2014 big you
2014 extreme
2014-2015 Dumb

run away mannu

2015 Bilkis Kauri
2016 without you
2017 boys over Flowers
2015 fire
2015 Damo
2015 Intermediate
2015 This girl will become crazy about you
2017 descendants of the sun
2014 light and shade
2015 dil-e-mujtaro
2016 was two steps away
2015 Dolly’s wedding procession
2016 there was a tusk
2016 after a love
2016 one wish is lahsil
2016-2017 Fatmagul’un Suku ne?


2014-2015 Gauhar
2015 painted in flowers
2014 life partner
2015 Permission
2014 love missing
2016 Ishq Mein Tere
2016 flirt away
2015 Prestige
2015-2016 when we wed
2015 Jackson Heights
2016 I wish so
2014 i wish i wasn’t your daughter
2015 sometimes hope sometimes stranger
2015 sometimes
2014 Somewhere
2014-2015 how is this doom
2016 kankaro
2015 cashmere
2015 Khoya Khoya Chandi
2016-2017 fairy land of dreams
2015 aspirations
2015 someone’s dangers
2014-2015 how many falls are left
2016 some love madness

Kuze Gune

2015 being a girl is not a crime
2016-2017 little lord
2014 soil
2016 i nise
2014 madiha maliha
2016 i am abdul qadir
2016 main bushra
2015 Malali
2016 Malika-e-Alia

pearls of mind

2014 Mastana Mahi
2015 weather
2016 I drank
2015 my sister maya
2014 my luck
2014 my shadow
2016 my damage
2016 my friend my friend
2015 mere hamarahi
2014 my killer my heart
2016 my daughter
2015 you are mother
2015 search me
2016 you are my life
2016 love is the star of good luck
2016 don’t say you’re not mine
2015-2016 salt pari
2016 little
2015-2016 motive
2015 Nirmala’s Spice World
2015 noor banu
2014 queen of nurpur
2016 numm
2016 cute as water
2015 piya re
2015 love story
2015 dear afzali
2015 quaid-e-solitude
2015 rivalry
2015 Rehai
2015 ru baru
2015 hairdressers
2015 all the weather from you
2015 Everyone’s sweetheart… Larabi
2015 in-laws lanes
2016 shahr-e-stranger
2015 shahr-e-zato
2015 shikano
2015-2016 Shukku
2015 Thanks
2015 simply beautiful
2015 Sitamagri
2017 white-flowered plant
2014 in your love
2016 your indifferent
2015 teri raza
2015 loneliness
2014 Thakano
2017 total dreamer
2016-2017 across the tv
2016 Wasl
2015 Time has done what beautiful Sitam
2014-2015 Yeh Galiyan Yeh Chaubar
2015 This delicate face like a flower
2015 no love here
2015 This in-laws are matchless
2014 this marriage can’t happen
2014 life is busy
2015 zindagi teletime

zindagi channel schedule

Here is a list of Zindagi channel original schedules as they were currently aired serials.

serials Schedule (For Premiere)
Mrs and Mr Shamim 11 March 2022
sun wall 25 June 2021
names of murderers 10 December 2021
churails 11 august 2020
a false love story 30 October 2020

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