14 August Special day in India Which special day is celebrated on 14 August?

special day of 14 august in india

The special day can be a birthday or a history of a particular person. Here in this article, you can check the special day of 14 August in India. Today’s special day list in India has famous celebrities. Let’s have a quick look at the article in detail about what happened today in Indian history and much more.

14 august special day

Those who are not aware that what is the special day of 14th August can go to this section. Well, looking at the list of special days of 14th August, today is

serial number 14 august special day
1 love your bookshop day
2 watermelon day
3 world lizard day
4 pakistan independence day

#1. love your bookshop day

Love Your Bookshop Day, celebrated every year on August 14, is a holiday that was established to appreciate bookshops around the world and to highlight all that makes local bookshops profitable.

#2. watermelon day

Celebrated on the second Sunday of August every year, Melon Day falls on 14 August this year. Melons, melons and other melons are celebrated on this special day. Enjoy these delicious melons on this day.

#3. world lizard day

World Lizard Day is celebrated every year on 14 August to raise awareness about lizards. The day is celebrated locally with schools, parks and reptile enthusiasts being the main groups celebrating the occasion.4

4. Pakistan Independence Day

It was on 14 August 1947 that Pakistan got independence from the British after fighting for its independence for a long time. The main Independence Day celebrations are held in Islamabad, where the national flag is hoisted in the Parliament and Presidency buildings.

Which special day was celebrated on 14th August – Events

year planning
1862 Bombay High Court was established.

#1. Bombay High Court was established.

The Bombay High Court was inaugurated on August 14, 1862, on August 14, 1862. The High Court had an original as well as an appellate jurisdiction.

14 august special day in india – birthday

year famous person
1976 Poonam Jhaver
1982 Mohit Varsha
1983 Sunidhi Chauhan

#1. Poonam Jhaver

Born on August 14, 1976, this Mumbai-based actress has appeared in many films like Poonam Jhawar Mohra, Aanch, OMG and Jiyala.

#2. Mohit Varsha

Born on 14 August 1982, Mohit Raina is an Indian actor who appears in Hindi films and television. He started his acting career with a science fiction show Space and later played a role in Don Muthu Swam.

#3. Sunidhi Chauhan

Sunidhi Chauhan born on 14 August 1983 is an Indian playback singer. She was born in Delhi, started performing in local festivals at the age of 5 and started her career with the film Shastra at the age of 13.

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