15th July Special day in India Which special day is celebrated on 15th July?

15 july special day in india

The special day can be a birthday or a history of a particular person. Here in this article, you can check the special day of 15th July in India. Today’s special day list in India has famous celebrities. Let’s have a quick look at the article on what happened today in Indian history and many more details.

15 july special day

Those who do not know what is the special day of 15th July, they can go through this section. Well looking at the list of special days of July 15th, today is

serial number 15 july special day
1 developmental disability professional day
2 horse day celebration
3 Orange Chicken Day
4 fasting of tammuz

#1. developmental disability professional day

Developmental Disability Professionals Day is observed every year on 15 July to recognize the work done by developmental disability professionals. This is one of those areas where the people working in spite of providing services to some of the most vulnerable people in the country go unnoticed. This day was established in 2020.

#2. horse day celebration

Horse Day is celebrated every year on 15 July. The purpose of this day is to encourage people to think about the economic, cultural and historical contribution made by horses. Horses have always had a great impact on the economy.

#3. Orange Chicken Day

National Orange Chicken Day celebrated every year on 15th July is all about honoring this dish. Orange chicken may be a dish that originated in China but today the dish is popular all over the world. Try your hand at making this recipe on Orange Chicken Day and enjoy Orange Chicken.

#4. fasting of tammuz

The fast of Tammuz, observed on 15 July this year, is observed on the 17th day of Tammuz, the fourth month of the Hebrew calendar. The fast of Tammuz marks the beginning of three weeks commemorating the destruction of the Holy Temple, a Jewish fasting day to commemorate the breaking down of the Walls of Jerusalem.

Which special day is celebrated on 15th July – Events

year planning
2002 APJ Abdul Kalam elected 11th President of India
1997 Environmental activist Mahesh Chandra Mehta won the Ramon Magsaysay Award.
1979 Morarji Desai resigned from the post of Prime Minister of India.

#1. APJ Abdul Kalam elected 11th President of India

On 15 July 2002, Kalam won the 11th presidential election in India. APJ Abdul Kalam replaced KR Narayanan. He won the 2002 presidential election with an electoral vote of 922,884, surpassing the 107,366 votes won by Lakshmi Sehgal.

#2. Environmental activist Mahesh Chandra Mehta won the Ramon Magsaysay Award.

Mahesh Chandra Mehta, commonly known as MC Mehta, is an environmental activist. On 15 July 1997, Mahesh Chandra Mehta won the Ramon Magsaysay Award for Public Service to Asia. In 2016 he was awarded the civilian honor of Padma Shri

#3. Morarji Desai resigned from the post of Prime Minister of India.

Morarji Desai resigned as the Prime Minister of India on 15 July 1979. These were dangerous times with several controversial trials of prominent Congress leaders and in 1979, with Raj Narayan and Charan Singh pulling out of the Janata Party, this forced Desai to resign and retire from politics.

15 July special day in India – Birthday

year famous person
1949 Chandramouli Kumar Prasad
1935 thilakani
1912 Mohammad Usman
1995 Nirmala Sheoran

#1. Chandramouli Kumar Prasad

Born on 15 July 1949, Justice Chandramouli Kumar Prasad is the President of the Press Council of India. He served as a judge of the Supreme Court of India from 8 February 2010 to 14 July 2014 before being appointed as the President of the Press Council of India.

#2. thilakani

A veteran actor. Surendranath Thilakan, commonly known as Thilakan, was born on July 15, 1935. Thilakan was an Indian film and stage actor who appeared in over 200 Malayalam films. Known for his elaborate manner of acting and realistic appearances, he has won 3 National Film Awards and 11 Kerala State Film Awards.

#3. Mohammad Usman

Born on 15 July 1912, Brigadier Mohammad Usman MVC was a high-ranking officer of the Indian Army. In fact, he was the highest-ranking officer of the Indian Army killed during the Indo-Pakistani War of 1947. As a Muslim, Osman became a symbol of India’s inclusive secularism.

#4. Nirmala Sheoran

Nirmala Sheoran, born on 15 July 1995, is an Indian sprinter who specializes in the 400 meters event. Haryana-born Nirmala Sheoran, 26, qualified for two events at the 2016 Summer Olympics – women’s 400m and women’s 4×400m relay.

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