Amavasya in July 2022, Amavasya in July 2022 Check Date and Time

new moon 2022

new moon Known as the lunar phase of the new moon. According to the Hindu calendar Amavasya dates, the lunar month begins on the next day of Purnima or Purnima and because of this, the new moon falls in the middle of the month. We have provided the date and time information Amavasya in July 2022,

Amavasya in July 2022

Amavasya comes once in every month in the year 2022. Here are new moon dates and times for July 2022.


Amavasya date and time in January 2022

Amavasya date in January, 2022 Jan 2 (3:42 AM) – Jan 3 (12:03 AM)
Amavasya date in January, 2022 (Mauni Amavasya, Bhaumvati Amavasya) January 31 (2:18 pm) – February 1 (1:15 am)
Amavasya date in March, 2022 March 2 (1:00 am) – March 2 (11:04 pm)
Amavasya date in March, 2022 March 31 (12:22 pm) – April 1 (11:54 am)
on new moon day april2022 April 30 (12:58 am) – May 1 (01:58 am)
on new moon day May2022 May 29 (02:55 PM) – May 30 (05:00 PM)
on new moon day june2022 June 28 (05:52 am) – June 29 (08:22 am,
on new moon day july2022 July 27 (09:12 PM) – July 28 (11:25 PM)

What is Amavasya?

One of the most important days for Hindus, Amavasya is considered the best time of the year to remember one’s ancestors, family and friends. This is because of the importance of this day. It is also a day when human emotions reach their peak, if one feels unbalanced, he/she will feel more on this day. On this day many people visit Rameshwaram and other such holy places to make Tarpanam, which is a sacred offering to the ancestors. Amavasya is a day when many deities are worshipped and for whom many fasts and fasts are observed, one of them being Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Many people also make offerings to the Sun God.

What is the significance of Amavasya?

Amavasya Day is usually celebrated in reverence by many people in India. It is considered the most auspicious day to perform Shradh and people pay homage to their ancestors, especially the deceased parents. It is also believed that the life process slows down on the new moon day. During this slow movement, one can see the change. Amavasya is an important aspect. Keep in mind that no auspicious work is done on the new moon day. Amavasya day is considered very important.

What rituals do people do on Amavasya 2022?

On this day, people perform many sacred rituals such as:

1) Tarpan at home

Like many other rituals in Hindu culture, Tarpan or Tarpan is a Vedic term. The offerings made to divine institutions are called tarpan. The root word of Tarpan is ‘Trup’ which means to satisfy. The idea of ​​performing tarpan comes from the belief that the deities or ancestors who are mentioned during the tarpan will ensure our well-being. There are many types of tarpan like Brahma Ayajang, Bathing and Shradhanga Which is done on different occasions. There are many rules and regulations to be followed for performing Tarpan. These rules change depending on the type of tarpan the person is doing.

2) Pind Daan

The word Pind Daan comes from the Vedas. Pind Daan is usually performed after the death of a person. The word charity means offering. Hence the idea of ​​offering prasad to the deceased is called Pind Daan. During the Shradh ceremony, the soul of the deceased is offered food in the shape of a circular ball by their relatives. Pind is usually made from rice and flour. These are made into balls and offered to the deceased during Pind Daan Karma. It is believed that the Pind Daan ceremony brings salvation to the deceased. It is mostly offered by the eldest male member of the family.

3) Father’s Supper

During Shradh Paksha, it is believed that Pitru Devas from Pitruloka come to earth in various forms to greet their family members and get food from their family members. It is believed that Pitru Bhoj pleases the deceased and they also bless their family members. During this time ancestors are worshiped by the family members. Usually, kheer pudding and pudding are made during this time. Some other things to do during Amavasya are given below.

  • fast and pray

  • read scripture

What happens during the new moon?

Since ancient times it is believed that the lunar cycle greatly influences people. Many people confuse new moon and full moon. Amavasya is also called new moon day or new moon day and on the other hand full moon day is called full moon day. It is called auspicious day. Usually, people fast during the new moon for the spiritual effect. During Amavasya, people worship their ancestors and various deities. It is also believed that Amavasya affects human behavior and human life in various ways. Usually, Lord Shiva is worshiped during Amavasya, but it can change from person to person. Amavasya is a day which is considered highly auspicious and hence people worship their ancestors on this day. Many people also believe that non-vegetarian food should not be eaten during Amavasya. Similarly, for Amavasya people observe many things.

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