Angry Prash face reveal, real face, age, birthday, and more!

Who is Angry Prush?

Angry Prush was born on 29 February 1996. Angry Prash is 26 years old as of 2022. His real name is Prashant. Angry Prush is his online name. So, basically, he is an Indian animator and gamer who posts comedy videos on YouTube. Angry Prash is actually India’s first and most subscribed animation YouTube channel.

Angry Prush Face Reveal

Prash was asked about the facial disclosure in an interview by Ranveer Allahbadia, and he said, “He had previously mentioned that he would unveil his face after completing 10 million members,” despite the fact that now They have more than 5 million subscribers. “He doesn’t want to be famous,” he said, “instead, he wants to make his character ‘Angry Prash’ famous”.

Angry Prash real name

Angry Prash’s real name is Prashant. Prashant, aka Angry Prash, is a popular Indian YouTuber with over 5.46 million subscribers and 800 million views. He is famous for his amazing animation skills, which he uses to create really entertaining videos. His fan following is based on the symbol of his channel; His supporters have yet to see his face. Prash hasn’t shown his face yet, which is why his fans haven’t seen it.

Angry Prash Real Age

Angry Prush was born on 29 February 1996. So he is 26 years old at the moment. Prashant used to be an average student whose main ambition in school was to come first and attract attention. He realized that he needed to be on top to attract the attention of others. Despite being an engineering dropout from college, he is a wonderful animator.

angry birthday

Angry Prash’s date of birth is 29-02-1996. Recently this year he celebrated his 26th birthday. He tried a few other things, but they all failed. Finally, he launched a comedy channel because he felt that if he could capture the interest of consumers through comedy, they would be able to expect a comic to do something new that could entertain them. As a result, he started his YouTube channel as Angry Prash.

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