Are Tom Cruise and Paris Hilton Together? Is Tom Cruise Dating Paris Hilton?

Tom Cruise and Paris Hilton together

Paris Hilton has gone viral after sharing a loved-up TikTok, which featured the actress getting intimate with Hollywood icon Tom Cruise. Everyone was stunned when they saw the marriage with Paris in the pleasant video. Do you think people will really believe that we are a couple?” Paris asks the star if she flirts with him. Is the person in the video really Tom Cruise? Is Tom Cruise Dating Paris Hilton? What happened to Paris Hilton’s husband? Keep reading to learn more about who is Tom Cruise’s partner.

Is Tom Cruise Dating Paris Hilton?

In the TikTok video, the two are seen talking about visiting the premiere of Tom Cruise’s Top Gun: Maverick before congratulating each other. Netizens were shocked to see Tom Cruise and Paris Hilton in a TikTok video shared later. Internet users speculated whether the two stars were romantically linked after the video was posted. In truth, though, the well-known figures are not dating. The man who looked like the Top Gun star wasn’t even Tom Cruise.

To be precise, Paris Hilton’s 6.2 million social media followers were treated to a video featuring Miles Fischer, a content developer, and Tom Cruise who looked very similar.

While Hilton wasn’t on a date with the Top Gun: Maverick actor last week, she did spend time with some real celebs. Madonna, Drew Barrymore, and Selena Gomez were among those who attended Britney Spears and Sam Asghari’s wedding, which was also attended by Madonna, Drew Barrymore, and Selena Gomez.

tom cruise and paris hilton video

“Paris, I don’t want to be late for this premiere. We have to go,” Fischer says as he puts on his tuxedo outfit, using deep-fake, synthetic media techniques, starring as Cruise.

Hilton enters the room dressed in a dazzling gown. “We should always run late fashionally. It’s your night,” he replies.

“You’re so beautiful,” responds, before Fischer’s Cruise hugs Hilton and says, “I think we’re really going to wow the world.”

“Do you think people will think we’re a couple?” Hilton says.

“I think most people would believe anything,” Fischer says, as Cruz responded.

“The story of my life,” Hilton says, as the song “Take My Breath Away” plays in the background.

Tiktok video became increasingly popular.

tom cruise partner

In November 2021, the reality star and her husband Carter Rehm married in a glamorous and celebrity-studded ceremony, with the bride wearing at least four designer gowns. It’s very classic. He is dating the TV star and DJ since November this year. They met through common acquaintances and debuted on the red carpet at the Golden Globe Awards in January 2021. Rem is a venture capitalist who launched the M13 investment firm to help and provide resources to young enterprises. M13 was founded by Rem and his brother Courtney Rem. Shortcut Your Startup: Ten Ways to Accelerate Entrepreneurial Success, a best-selling book providing guidance for aspiring and established entrepreneurs, was co-authored by him and Courtney in 2018. A former reality star, Laura Bellizzi has experienced a 9-year-old kid with Rem. Last year, the two made their debut as a pair at InStyle and Warner Brother’s afterparty for the 2020 Golden Globes.

Who was the man seen in the tom cruise and paris hilton tiktok video?

Miles Fischer is the man who looks like Tom Cruise in Paris Hilton’s video. Together with Belgian visual effects specialist Chris Ume, he founded Metaphysic. Deepfake technology is the company’s specialty. After boasting about his resemblance to the Mission: Impossible star on social media, Miles Fischer rose to prominence. Under the handle @deeptomcruise, Fischer and Ume have their own TikTok accounts. Both have more than 3 million followers on the app. Miles Fischer has been a vocal supporter of the use of deep fakes. In an interview, he said that his organization will be working on deep mock projects that can be used for good.

The potential harm of deep counterfeiting technology has been a subject of controversy in Congress. Many have claimed that it can be used for political purposes, revenge and other illegal activities. Tom Cruise has been silent about his lookalike or Fisher’s deep-fake company. Paris Hilton’s video with Fisher’s portrayal of Tom Cruise appears to be made up of a joke. They also collaborated on other TikTok movies, which caused a stir on the internet.

Are Tom Cruise and Paris Hilton a couple?

To conclude, no, Tom Cruise and Paris Hilton are not dating. This recently released video was fake. However, the response from fans after the video was released was huge, with one person commenting: “Wait this is the real Tom Cruise or computer generated?”. Another wrote: “I can’t tell if these were deep fakes or really.”

Another added: “Anyone else think this is scary? Another person wrote: I’m so obsessed with this Instagram account!!! Is this Tom Cruise or not?!! And why is Paris in the video?? ?

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