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face mask in kenya

On Monday, Kenya’s Ministry of Health reinstated the wearing of masks in public places, including open-air markets, supermarkets, airplanes, trains and public service vehicles, to prevent further spread of COVID-19 infections.

Mutahi Kagwe, cabinet secretary in the health ministry, said other confined spaces where citizens should wear masks include offices, houses of worship and indoor political meetings. Scroll down to know the rules for wearing face masks in Kenya.

breaking news about wearing a mask

Under COVID-19 gazetted rules in early 2020, people in Kenya found not wearing masks in public places were jailed for 6 months with a fine of Rs 20,000 or both. According to Mutahi, Kenya’s COVID-19 positivity rate rose from a weekly average of 0.6 percent in early May to the current 10.4 percent, thus necessitating drastic measures to curb the strain on the local public health system.

“The sharp rise in coronavirus infections should concern everyone, and we must take strong measures to prevent a slide in the public health crisis,” Mutahi said at a briefing in Nairobi.

He said the government would accelerate COVID-19 vaccination to prevent massive hospitalizations and mortality, adding that most new cases are mild and treated under state-funded home-based care programs. goes.

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To reduce the risk and transmission of respiratory infections, Kagwe said the health ministry advises the public to stay at home, especially if exhibiting cold/flu-like symptoms, avoid crowded places and gatherings, triggers To avoid this, wear warm clothes, wear a mask. Avoid crowded and confined spaces, stay hydrated, maintain hand and body hygiene, and exercise regularly. CS advised Kenyans to seek medical advice or attention in an authorized treatment facility upon the development of difficulty breathing and to stick to prescribed medication and eat a healthy balanced diet, lots of vegetables and fruits, with adequate amounts of carbohydrates And have protein.

face mask kenya

Mutahi said the cold weather now in Kenya could worsen COVID-19 transmission with increased campaigns ahead of the August 9 general elections and pointed to the move to restore the mask mandate.

In March, the health ministry announced the easing of COVID-19 containment measures, saying wearing a mask was optional after a continued decline in new infections.

Local epidemiologists alerted in late April that the country could experience a mild wave of infections from May to July, explaining that the risk of mass death was minimal.

COVID-19 cases in Kenya

Health ministry figures show the country’s total positive cases stood at 329,605 as of June 20, after 252 people tested positive from a sample size of 1,993 in the last 24 hours, taking the positivity rate to 12.6%.

The national capital Nairobi became a hotspot for new coronavirus infections, followed by Kiambu County when the port city of Mombasa and several western Kenyan counties recorded increased transmission. The proportion of fully vaccinated adults is 31.5% as of Monday, as the government races to reach the 70% target before the end of the year, the health ministry said.

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