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The Australian TV soap opera Home and Away is often referred to as H&A. On January 17, 1988, Seven Network began airing Alan Bateman’s work. During a visit to Kangaroo Point in New South Wales, where he saw residents protesting the construction of a foster home and the idea of ​​city foster children living in the countryside, Bateman had an idea for the show. Asylum was the original working title for the soap opera, but once filming began, the name was changed to “Friends” Home and Away.

Home and Away Cast 2022

Cast AS actors name
xander delaney luke van os
Rose Delaney Kirsty Marillier
Peter “PK” King Ryan Johnson
bob forsyth Rob Mallett,
kirby aramoana Angelina Thomson
remy carter Adam Rowland
Eden Fowler Stephanie Panozzo
brie cameron Juliet Godwin

Home and Away New 2022 Cast and Characters

1) Xander Delaney- Luke van Os

Luke van Os’ character Xander Delaney made his debut on March 31, 2022. Character information and casting news were released on October 21, 2021. Van Os is the cousin of Chris Hemsworth, a former Home and Away actor (Kim Hyde). He explained that prior to the callback for the show, he approached Hemsworth for help. “When I got called in for a callback for the chemistry test, I actually zoomed in with Chris the night before and we played it (the scene), and we just got into a good mood,” he said. After close to the studio, Van Os moved to Sydney, and production began the same week his casting was announced.

2) Rose Delaney- Kirsty Marillier

The character of Rose Delaney, portrayed by Kirsty Marillier, debuted on April 4, 2022. Merillier’s character information and casting news were released on November 15, 2021. According to Jonathan Moran of The Daily Telegraph, she had already shot her opening scenes and finished filming after five weeks. Marillier had previously played the role of Rhea in a cameo role in the play. This time, she will be a part of the main cast, and she has admitted that it is going to change her life in a big way. This equals the big break that aspiring actors and students yearn for.

3) Peter “PK” King -Ryan Johnson

Ryan Johnson’s character, Peter “PK” King, debuted on April 28, 2022. Johnson previously made an appearance in Home and Away in 2010 as Paulie Rosetta. He confirmed that he had played multiple characters in the first TV show, “On Rake and All Saints, I’ve made two characters. It’s so much fun playing my second character on Home and Away.” PK is a wealthy poker player who makes his way into Mackenzie Booth’s poker tournament (Emily Weir).

4) Bob Forsyth- Rob Mallett

Rob Mallett’s character, Bob Forsyth, made his debut on July 4, 2022. Character and casting information was released on June 29, 2022. Four new characters have been added, including Bob, who forms the fictional band Lyric in 2022 after four cast members left. Mallett claimed that one of the items on his “bucket list” was to join the cast of Home and Away. He also said “The entire team out there is highly skilled in their field and amazing to deal with. The show’s continued popularity is hardly surprising.” According to Sam Warner of Digital Spy, Bob has “huge aspirations” for the lyrics and is unsure whether Summer Bay is the right place for his music.

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