Horror Games on Roblox Multiplayer 2022 Top 8 Horror Games to be played on Roblox Multiplayer

Roblox Multiplayer 2022 . on scary games

The Roblox platform has grown in popularity since it was introduced in 2006. One of the reasons is its ease of access. It can be played on PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Mac, iOS and Android devices. Many original games created by people like you can also be found there. Roblox is not specifically for kids, despite its simple and blocky visuals. The site has tons of games for adults, including the really scary roblox games. On Roblox, there are a surprisingly large number of horror games. In this article, we have covered the top 8 horror games on Roblox.

Horror Games on Roblox Multiplayer

Out of the many active community games available, Roblox has quickly become one of the best platforms with a sense of solidarity. Roblox offers a huge library of games that span a variety of genres, shooters, roleplaying, kid-friendly games, and more. The top 8 games on Roblox are shown below. We will focus on the scariest Roblox games currently available. If you are a Roblox user looking for best horror games in 2022 then here is the top 8 list.

grade Play
1 alone in a dark house
2 Bear (Alpha)
3 roses
4 Finders Keepers
5 Copy
6 geisha
7 The Haunted Imperial Hotel
8 crazy lift

Horror Games to Play on Roblox Multiplayer

1) Alone in the dark house

In Alone in a Dark House, you, together with other gamers, will conduct a private investigation into an abandoned building. You’ll solve puzzles and investigate a story about a serial killer who is on the hunt for his next victim. You’ll learn more about the house’s previous occupants and their fate as you explore the house. Alone in the Dark House is undoubtedly one of the most frightening games on Roblox because of its many jumping scares and two distinctive locations.

2) Bear (Alpha)

The 10-player survival horror game Bear (Alpha) has an odd twist. On one side is a group of 9 survivors who must cooperate to stop the bear. The bear himself, who is managed by one of the 10 players, is on the other side. This “bear” appears as a frightening 7-foot-long plushie that screams at gamers when they approach too closely. To win the match, he must kill each player within the allotted time as it takes them through a maze-like map. Players must cooperate in solving puzzles to stop the bear and its attacks. The bears have little time to attack the more puzzles you crack. Each player has a limited supply of stamina, and spending it excessively slows you down.

3) Rose

During the first five minutes of playing Roses, a game in which you search for your mate inside an asylum, you’ll feel a chill down your spine. It’s layered on insanely deep layers, and it only costs 25 Robux. The degree of detail is astonishing and sometimes even takes the reader by surprise. If you love playing horror video games, then Roses will make you want to go back because of its fantastic story and amazing details. There is a very deep sense of immersion in this game.

4) Finder Keepers

Another great game in this list of awesome roblox games is Finders Keepers, which will serve to give you chills. You are the investigator once again, but this time you are an expert in the paranormal. You are tasked with witnessing strange events in a family home, and you need to solve puzzle pieces to find out how the family disappeared. You’ll find these clues in the many obscure dark chambers and while searching for the discs that you have to collect. However, the disc includes a demonic creature that will follow you, so use caution. Finders Keepers is a great horror mystery game filled with terrifying jumpcares and terrifying noises.

5) The Mimic

One of the scariest horror roblox games we’ve come across is The Mimic. The game, which supports single-player or multiplayer, is a horror adventure composed of several chapters. Four different urban legends and myths about Japanese history were combined to form The Mimic. Each chapter, disguised as one of four books, will take you and your friends into terrifying places filled with terrifying level layouts, unexpectedly loud noises and jumps.

6) Geisha

One of Roblox’s deadliest horror games, centered on the urban legend of “Tek-Tec”, features a variety of scary combat that can scare off even the most ardent horror enthusiast. Your family is not present when you return to your childhood home. You’ll be constantly looking over your shoulder as you try to dodge the geisha as ominous music hums in the background and your feet beat on the wooden floor of the house as you unlock the secrets.

7) The Haunted Imperial Hotel

The roblox horror game Imperial Hotel is set in an abandoned hotel that was forced to close after several people died as a result of a collapse. In this Roblox game, which combines adventure elements with horror, you can investigate a supposedly haunted hotel that is replete with convoluted puzzles. As the adventurer, you have to go through the building avoiding the dangers and dangers. On top of the horror, there’s a lot of jumpscare in this creepy Roblox game.

8) Crazy Lift

Players are challenged to climb a crazy elevator and try to escape from all the floors in this original horror game. You’ll face many formidable opponents on your dangerous journey, including Piggy, Jeff the Killer and Pennywise the Clown, to name a few. The player has to go through many levels and complete all the missions. While limited to a crazy elevator, you can invite your friends to take part in this multiplayer roblox horror game.


The most popular application among gamers of all ages and backgrounds is Roblox. You can set up a Roblox account whether you’re using a phone, PC, Xbox One or PlayStation. It immediately rose to the top of the gaming software charts. You can use the live chat feature on Roblox during gameplay. The fan base of this gaming platform is spread over 200 different countries as a result of its easy availability.

  • Roblox Multiplayer 2022 . on scary games

  • Horror Games on Roblox Multiplayer

  • Horror Games to Play on Roblox Multiplayer

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