How old is Yeesley Vega of Virginia Who is Yesley Vega?

How old is Yesli Vega from Virginia?

Coming to the question, how old is Yesley from Virginia? His birth year is not mentioned online, so by his appearance, he must be somewhere between 20 and 30. She spent most of her life serving the public as a military wife, mother, former police officer, and deputy to the Prince William County Sheriff’s Office. We learned that Yesli Vega was born in Texas.

The next election for Yesli Vega is on June 21, 2022. Yesli Vega is a Republican party currently running for election to the US House of Representatives representing the th Congressional District of Virginia. Also, Yesli Vega is on the ballot in the Republican primary. The current candidates who have raised the most funds are Derrick Anderson, Bryce Reeves, Crystal Vanuch and Yesli Vega. Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D) is running for re-election in the re-created 7th District.

Who is Yesli Vega?

When it comes to Yesley’s age we are left wondering, and no specific details about his age are public. OK, this Texas-based prodigy is said to be religious; When she was 5 years old after moving from Texas to Northern Virginia, her parents taught her the reward of working hard and having a good faith in God and loving her country. After a family tragedy, Vega is empowered to show her service to the country. At the same time, she also became passionate about the selflessness of local law enforcement and first responders. She often testified how her brother was nearly killed by members of the MS-13 gang, making her run for a seat in the House and improving the lives of people in the 7th district.

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Yesli Vega’s date of birth is yet to be confirmed, but she moved with her family to Northern Virginia when she was just five years old. Before shifting to Virginia, she was believed to have been raised in Texas. We are shocked as we haven’t found any resources about Yesli Vega’s parents. Still, she is a military wife, a mother, and a former police officer and a deputy for the Prince William County Sheriff’s Office.

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Yesli Vega is a congressional candidate and a military wife; She is a candidate for the US Congress located in the 7th congressional district of Virginia. She is currently running as a Republican. She will soon attend the GOP primary vote on June 21, 2022. And she votes for Republicans. When it comes to Vega’s career in law enforcement, she was a street cop for the Alexandria Police Department. He won the Republican primary and defeated his Democratic opponent in a general election; As a result, he received a seat on the Prince William County Board of Supervisors.

Who is Yesli Vega Husband?

Yesli Vega’s husband is none other than Rene. René is a supportive husband to his wife’s career and is encouraged in her goals. He has helped them in running the campaign with their hard work. Who is this charming Rene? you can ask. Well, René served in the US Army. Supervisor Vega took a break from her profession in 2012 to move in with her husband, Rene, and become a caring mother to their two children, so she moved to South Korea. It is believed that she had gone to South Korea for deployment.

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