How to Poll on Snapchat? Here’s How To Poll On Snapchat

How to put a poll on Snapchat?

Snapchat Polls feature helps users in multiple scenarios. You can create and post polls on Snapchat, survey viewers give 2 options for responding. Users can share the results of the voting if they have received all the required responses. Therefore, users can add a poll to the Snap, such as adding a text or emoji. It lets users take the opinion of their friends and can quickly send it via stills or video snaps. Like other social media and messaging platforms, Snapchat also has poll-creation features. Scroll down to learn how to poll on Snapchat.

How to Poll on Snapchat?

To create a poll on Snapchat, do the following.

  • Open Snapchat’s camera interface and click a picture using the Snapchat camera by clicking the round shutter button in the center of the display.

  • In the next screen with editing options, click on the “stickers” icon in the top right corner and select ‘Polls’ from the options highlighted in yellow.

  • A basic poll layout will now appear on the screen with a text field and 2 emoji.

  • Now, enter a subject or question in the text field and change the emoji accordingly (they are set to Thums Up and Thums Down by default).

  • If done, position the poll on the Snap, click “Send” on the lower right corner, and add to “My Story.”

How to see Snapchat poll results?

You can get excited to see the results after sharing a poll with your friends. To view Snap poll results, do the following.

  • Tap on the avatar icon in the top left corner of the Home screen. Now, tap on the story to preview it.

  • Now, select the 3-dot menu in the top right corner and tap on the name of the vote at the bottom.

  • This section will show all the responses and cumulative results of the survey. Users can share these results by simply tapping the “Send Results” button, clicking another Snap, and sharing it with friends as a private story. These steps work on both the Android and iOS versions of Snapchat.

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Note that on Snapchat, the user will only be able to add emojis as poll responses. The pole itself starts with the classic thumbs up and thumbs down. Users can swap whatever they like. Social media platforms like Snapchat help us to stay connected with people. Many users around the world use Snapchat daily and express their opinion about the happenings in the world. One such feature is Snapchat polls, where users respond to given opinions.

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Snapchat is an American messaging app developed by Snap Inc., originally Snapchat Inc. The important feature of Snapchat is that photos and messages are available for a short period of time before they become inaccessible to its users. This app is popular among youth as it has many features. Snapchat stickers are also one of those features. It literally means that you care about that person the most. You can add stickers to your snaps and send it to chats as well. Millions of people enjoy this app.

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