Huntington Bank Debit Card Not Working, Is Huntington Server Down?

Huntington down?

Yes, the Huntingtown website is down and the official Huntington Bank user on Twitter reported, “Due to a widespread power outage, you may experience issues with certain account information and the Huntington mobile app. Online banking and customer service lines may be blocked.” Has been reinstated. Visit for more updates on June 16, 2022. We are committed to meeting your banking needs and thank you for your patience. On July 17, he posted ” We are working to restore processes that were disrupted during a recent power outage. Affected transactions are being addressed.

Huntington Debit Card Not Working

Call the customer care phone number mentioned on the back of your Kuntignton Bank debit card, and try to contact the account representative. And give a written statement directly to the band (if they ask you to do so). You may be offered to sign an affidavit where it is mentioned that you did not authorize the purchase or withdrawal. Nevertheless, now that the Huntington website is trying to fix the down issue, let’s hope the new version provides a fix.

Huntington card not working

Huntington Bank offers account holders a number of benefits, and one of them is that you can use your debit card for full convenience. Most of the debit card transactions go well; We need to note when a transaction suffers from a problem. Currently, the server is down for a few days, which is also a contributing factor in the Huntington debit card not working.

Huntington Bank app not working, how to fix it?

  • Wait until the technical issue is resolved

  • Check if your internet connection is at a good speed, if not, try turning it on and off.

  • Try clearing the Huntington Bank app cache from Settings.

  • Delete the Huntington Bank app and reinstall it to resolve the issue.

  • Update the Huntington Bank app to the latest possible version.

  • Install an older version of the Huntington Bank app (Sometimes the latest version may have bugs, so try to install an earlier version to resolve the issue.)

  • If the app is not responding then try restarting your device.

Huntington bank card not working

Huntington Debit Card Not Working

Huntington card not working

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