If you block someone on Snapchat do you lose your streak? How to Restore Lost Streaks on Snapchat?

Will you lose your streak if you block someone on Snapchat?

A streak on Snapchat is a symbol identifying the seamless exchange of snaps between 2 users. It serves as a virtual trophy shared between a pair of active Snapchat friends.

Snapstreak starts when you and a friend send direct Snaps to each other for more than 3 days in a row. To maintain this streak, the two of you should have a snap exchange every 24 hours. You can also share a streak with more than 1 friend. So, if you block someone on Snapchat do you lose your streak? Scroll down to know the answer

If you block someone on Snapchat do you lose your streak?

You block people on Snapchat, and if you block someone and then unblock them, you’ll lose your entire Snap streak. Blocking someone on Snapchat will remove them from your account completely and delete the chat on both sides. Blocking them also restricts you from viewing and sending snaps and texts.

If you want to see their photos and stories again and show them your stories, you’ll need to send them a friend request. When they accept it, you can restore your virtual friendship.

how to restore lost streaks on snapchat on mobile

Do the following to restore lost streaks on Snapchat on mobile

  1. In Snapchat, tap the Profile Pic in the top-left corner.

  2. Tap on Settings in the top-right corner.

  3. In the Settings menu, just scroll down and tap “I need help”.

  4. From the options, select “Snapstreaks”.

  5. In the Snapstreaks menu, scroll down and tap “Tell us.”

  6. Select “I lost my Snapstreak”.

  7. Scroll down and fill out the form, and tap “Submit”.

How to Restore Lost Streaks on Snapchat Laptop/Desktop

Do the following to restore lost streaks on Snapchat on laptop/desktop

  1. Go to the Snapchat Support page.

  2. Click “Contact Us”.

  3. Select “I lost my Snapstreak” in the Contact Us section.

  4. Scroll down and then fill out the Snapstreak form.

  5. Click “Send” to finish the request.

Note: Be as precise as possible in the questionnaire. Under the question “What information should we know”, explain the reason for losing streak

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