International Lion Day 2022 When is International Lion Day 2022?

International Lion Day 2022

You might wonder when is International Lion Day in 2022; Well, it is celebrated on 10th August 2022. Not only this year, it is celebrated every year on 10th August. The population of Asiatic lions has increased steadily over the last five years, resulting in an increase of 28.87%, which is considered to be the biggest increase ever. In the upcoming sections we will look at the quotes and theme of International Lion Day.

History of International Lion Day

Initially, International Lion Day began its original celebration in 2013. Since then, this day has become a symbol of fighting and protecting the king species of the jungle. According to the WWF, the lion is called the “king of the jungle”, as it lives in grasslands and plains, and the forests are surrounded by trees and lion magnificence. Asiatic lion according to lion population in India

International Lion Day Theme

The main theme of International Lion Day is celebrated to raise awareness of the declining population of lions, and it is touted as the conservation of wild species. According to the (IUCN) International Union for Conservation of Nature Red List, lions are considered the most vulnerable species. According to a report last June, as per the census rate, India is the country with the highest growth rate of lion families with 28.87% of the population.

International Lion Day Quotes

“Let us save the king of the jungle in this world for our future generations to save him…. Happy World Lion Day.”

“World Lion Day is a reminder that we should all contribute to save lions as they require our attention, time and lots of protection.”

“There is no other animal as royal as a lion… Let’s join hands to save this king of the jungle who rules every heart… Wishing you a very Happy World Lion Day.”

“It is very sad to see that the animal that rules the forest is in danger and it is because of us…. Let us save the lions to make it a meaningful World Lion Day.”

“Let us save our mother earth by saving lions from extinction… Let us wake up and save them now to regret later…. Happy World Lion Day.”

“Lion is the king of the jungle and on Lion Day we must come together to protect it from all dangers. Happy Lion’s Day everyone.”

“On the occasion of Lion Day, we should remind ourselves that it is our responsibility to save the lions and their natural habitats. Wishing everyone a very Happy Singh’s Day.”

“The occasion of Lion’s Day is a reminder to each of us that lions need our help, support and attention to stay safe. Happy Lion Day.”

“We must make sure that because of our inhuman actions, we do not lose the most heroic animal on this planet. Happy Lion Day.

International Lion Day 2022

international lion day

International Lion Day 2022

International Lion Day Theme

International Lion Day Quotes.

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