Is Alonzo Howard Dead, What Happened To Alonzo Howard?

Who is Alonzo Howard?

An American Instagrammer, who is known for her dance and Dubsmash videos, was in news recently when rumors of a death spread on the internet. But whether the rumors are true and whether Alonzo Howard is dead, what happened to Alonzo Howard. It was in 2016 that he became famous as he used his Instagram account to share videos of dances, challenges and funny pictures. Alonzo Howard had almost thousands of followers. But in 2019 he stopped using his Instagram account and many believe that he deactivated his account. Ever since his presence on social media has been low and it has left people wondering whether Alonzo Howard is dead and what happened to Alonzo Howard.

Is Alonzo Howard Dead?

The answer is the death of Alonzo Howard, no because there are no sources that reported the death of Alonzo Howard, only rumors and these have not been proven to be true. Many death hoaxes are being spread on social media about famous people, and the same happened with Alonzo Howard, which made people wonder if Alonzo Howard is dead. But we’ve already said that the answer to Alonzo Howard’s death is no. But many people are starting to wonder what happened to Alonzo Howard as Alonzo Howard being picked up on various social media platforms is dead or alive.

What happened to Alonzo Howard?

Just as there is no information about Alonzo Howard being dead, there is no information about what happened to Alonzo Howard. Alonzo became a celebrity due to his videos on his social media platforms especially Instagram, but this is not his only achievement, he is also an athlete and is known for playing basketball and soccer. Many have speculated that something must have happened to him that prompted people to look at what happened to Alonzo Howard and it has led people to wonder whether Alonzo Howard is dead or alive, and we Already saw that he was still alive.

Who is Alonzo Howard Girlfriend?

There is not much about Alonzo Howard on the internet as he has not disclosed any information about himself on the internet. But there is information about Alonzo Howard’s girlfriend, who many believe, Xenia, was an Instagram star who goes by the username @iamg0ldiecurls. It is believed that they started seeing each other in 2016. Sources have also revealed that Alonzo Howard was born on 14 April 2000 in St Petersburg, Florida. It is also believed that he has two brothers and three sisters.

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